Unlock the value in your Field Devices with the Smart Wireless 775 THUM Adapter

Most plants have hundreds or even thousands of HART® instrumentation points, all equipped with rich diagnostics and process information, yet this valuable information often goes unused because it’s too difficult and costly to access through traditional wired means. Many plants are simply unable to take full advantage of device intelligence because of older legacy control systems. Until now…The Smart Wireless THUM adapter enables you to easily and cost-effectively “see” all the valuable information that exists in your plant today.

Just imagine what problems you could solve and how much more you could improve your plant’s productivity by using predictive intelligence in devices to enable continuous visibility to the process. Enable alerts and alarms to streamline troubleshooting; Gain real-time access to advanced diagnostics about the health and performance of the process and equipment; Move from reactive to proactive maintenance, lowering costs and saving time; Monitor HART variables to gain insight into process efficiency and condition. The Smart Wireless THUM adapter is a device that you can retrofit on any existing two or four-wire HART device, and it allows you to wirelessly transmit measurement and diagnostic information that was previously not available. It’s an easy way to gain access to the field intelligence already in your plant enabling you to improve quality, safety, availability, operations and maintenance costs. The Smart Wireless THUM adapter is a device for use on HART® communicating instruments such as the Fisher FIELDVUE® digital valve controller. The THUM adapter adapts the wired HART protocol to the Wireless HART™ protocol. The Smart Wireless THUM® adapter is an easy way to unleash otherwise “stranded” valve diagnostics. This reduces unplanned shutdowns by using existing diagnostics available within your current control system. FIELDVUE digital valve controllers coupled with the Smart Wireless THUM adapter power the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture by delivering more advanced field intelligence for better decision-making to help you achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity. For more information, click here or contact your Northeast Controls Sales Engineer.


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