New Fisher Technology Development Center extends Emerson’s commitment to Marshalltown

The Fisher division of Emerson Process Management has opened the new Fisher Technology Development Center, which is the industry’s largest and most advanced flow control research facility. This state-of-the-art facility allows Fisher to continue to develop the innovative control valve technologies that help customers maximize the performance of their plants. The new facility quadruples current air and water flow rate capabilities to permit testing of valves for larger and higher pressure applications; increases pressure and flow sub-systems to support noise abatement research and product development; provides new flow sciences research labs to support multi-phase, cavitation and real world fluid control problems; expands dynamic performance test loops to accommodate larger valves; supports all new product development; and improves customer demonstration and customer witness testing capability. Capabilities of Fisher’s New Technology Development Center include:

Simulation and analysis lab
Acoustics lab
PlantWeb dynamic performance lab
Instrument development and software labs
Cryogenic testing lab
Dynamic performance lab
Materials lab
High-temperature steam lab
Flow labs
Cycle life lab
Experimental stress lab
Vibration lab

For more information contact your Northeast Controls Sales Engineer to help arrange your visit to Fisher’s New Technology Development Center. For a brochure, click on: Research and Engineering brochure

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