Technology and Product Training for Program Success

With over 65 years of training experience, Emerson Educational Services remains committed to providing quality training to our customers, when and where they need it. Companies today rely on fewer people to do more work. That’s why the need for training is more critical than ever to achieve and maintain cost-effective maintenance programs.

Emerson Educational Services help maximize the return on your technology and personnel investment. Every year, more than 1500 individuals participate in Emerson’s Machinery Health Management training classes across the country. Courses are taught by professionals with experience in developing or working within actual plant predictive- or reliability-based maintenance programs.

  • Lab work provides hands-on opportunity in each class
  • Certification testing available for most technologies

Alignment and Balancing Courses
Laser Alignment and Balancing courses provide both beginner and intermediate students with an understanding of shaft alignment and single and dual-plane balancing techniques.

Infrared Thermography Courses
Infrared Thermography is a valuable part of your existing vibration analysis program.

ISO Courses
All ISO courses comply with ISO standard 18436-2

Lubrication Analysis Courses
Lubrication analysis is often the easiest way to diagnose common machine problems. These comprehensive courses cover everything from basic analysis to wear debris analysis.

Maintenance Strategy Courses
Maintenance Strategy Courses are mentoring tools in the development or enhancement of your predictive- or reliability-based maintenance program.

Online Technology Courses
Online technology courses cover prediction and protection continuous online monitoring.

Software Courses
Courses on the implementation and advanced capabilities of AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager and its component programs ensure you are getting the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time for your software investment.

Ultrasonic Testing Courses
Ultrasonic courses cover ultrasonic theory and instrumentation operation through lecture and lab exercises.

Vibration Analysis Courses

Vibration analysis course offerings include both theory/application classes as well as product-specific classes for periodic and continuous vibration monitoring.

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