Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

Whether you are looking for maximum flexibility or fit-for-purpose, we have the right RTU for your application.


ControlWave® Redundant Control Systems
ControlWave Redundant Control Systems come in several configurations to suit your needs and your budget. They offer reliability, speed, and superior functionality.


ControlWave® PAC – Process Automation Controller
The ControlWave PAC is a highly-adaptable, high-performance controller with exceptional networking capability for local plant and remote control applications.


ControlWave® Micro - Hybrid RTU/PLC
The ControlWave Micro Hybrid RTU/PLC is a cost-effective, space-efficient, low power consumption package required by small to mid-sized applications.


ControlWave® I/O Expansion Racks
I/O scalability, flexibility, and economy are provided through the use of ControlWave I/O Expansion Racks. Modular expansion to meet your project requirements.


ControlWave® ExpressPAC – Pre-engineered SCADA RTU
ControlWave ExpressPAC is a highly integrated and pre-engineered package solution that combines the ControlWave Express RTU with a variety of options commonly required for SCADA applications.


ControlWave® Express – SCADA RTU/PLC
ControlWave Express is a compact, yet powerful RTU with exceptionally low power consumption for remote site SCADA applications.


ControlWave® Ethernet Remote I/O
ControlWave Ethernet Remote I/O modules are the ideal solution to the ever-increasing demand for distributed I/O architectures, while minimizing installation cost.


ControlWave® CPU Conversion Kits for Network 3000 Products
The new CW_10 and CW_30 CPU conversion kits offer a cost-effective upgrade path to the ControlWave architecture for existing Bristol 3310 and 3330 systems


ROC300-Series Remote Operations Controllers
The ROC300-Series Remote Operations Controllers are recommended only for customers that are currently expanding their installed base. For new applications and installations, we recommend using the ROC800-Series or ControlWave family of products.

ROC800-Series Remote Operations Controllers
The ROC800-Series are powerful, flexible RTUs that include features found in flow computers and PLCs, making them ideal for a wide range of applications requiring sophisticated measurement and control.

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