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With over 40+ years of training experience, Northeast Controls and Emerson Education Services are committed to providing quality training and educational services to our customers, when and where you need it. We offer a variety of options:

  • Factory Training: Northeast Controls hosts a variety of factory-led training courses in which students attend class in one of our fully equipped classrooms in Clifton Park, Rochester, or Buffalo, NY. These courses are offered throughout the year and in many cases are scheduled in advance by our Education Leader. Our courses include small group hands-on sessions, workshops, one-on-one time with instructors, and in many cases can be customized. Attending a factory-led training session is one of the best investments you can make today in your employees and your business.
  • Regional Training Centers: The principals we represent, such as Emerson Process Management, as well as our other Local Business Partners, have regional training centers across North America that are strategically located to support your training needs.
  • On-site, Local Training: Northeast Controls will work with you to develop customized on-site courses, which provide an alternative to sending your employees off-site incurring expensive travel and lodging costs. We can tailor training - in your local area or at your local plant site - to meet your specific needs.
  • eLearning Training: This convenient and flexible on-line learning tool is an excellent way to help manage your time and costs when you can't attend a factory, regional, or local training session.
  • Virtual Learning (V-Learning): This new educational offering delivers an affordable, live, interactive, instructor-led training experience that saves time and travel. V-Learning is real-time learning from certified subject-matter experts facilitating the class via a virtual classroom. The virtual classroom permits students to take each course from their desktops connected to factory-based systems via the internet including audio and video. V-Learning eliminates travel expenses and saves time and makes it flexible to achieve your learning goals. For a pre-recorded presentation on Virtual Learning, Click Here


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Automation Systems

Automation Systems are a key component of the process manufacturers' automation strategy. Gaining the greatest advantage with today's digital automation technologies requires the most up-to-date skills. Northeast Controls' Educational Services helps shorten the learning curve and keep skills tuned so customers can operate their plants most efficiently.

We deliver what you need to know about the breadth and depth of Emerson's award-winning automation system - DeltaV. Everything from the specific operation in your process to how you can most smoothly evolve from an older legacy control system to powerful new capabilities.

DeltaV Training

Get up to speed quickly and up skill your personnel on the easy to learn DeltaV System.

PROVOX Training

As the technology is continually evolving, PROVOX training is updated accordingly and should be considered by anyone responsible for configuring, operating, and troubleshooting the system.


Field Devices


At the foundation of any process are the field devices that measure and control the flow of air, steam, water, gas or hundreds of other materials. Without proper basic setup, calibration and configuration of these devices, advanced control techniques cannot provide the levels of efficiency the technology is capable of.

Knowledge of process control devices within a plant is often passed down from generation to generation. At the same time, if advances in process technology and methodology usually brought about by training aren't brought into the plant, in-house standards for device setup and maintenance can become based on out-dated theory. The result is that while a valve or instrument may be working, it may not be working up to its capabilities and is not delivering on its promised performance.

Northeast Controls' Educational Services has made a commitment to helping our customers find and keep that promise of performance.



Control Valve Training
Instrument technician crafts in many plants are making control valve education more important today than ever before.

Advanced FlowScanner Diagnostic Interpretation
This 3-day course is for personnel who are responsible for interpreting plots and other diagnostic data that is acquired with the Fisher FlowScanner.

Baumann Valve Technician
This 3-day course explains how Baumann valves and actuators function and how they are installed and calibrated.

Commercial Dedicated DVC6000 Install Configure
This Fisher Controls course is for personnel who will install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot the Commercially Dedicated DVC6000 Digital Valve Controller.

Control Valve Engineering I
This course is for engineers, technicians and others responsible for the selection, sizing, and application of control valves, actuators and control valve instrumentation.

Control Valve Engineering II
This course is for practicing engineers and senior technicians who are seeking advanced training in control valve selection and sizing, and application problem solving.

FlowScanner Data Acquisition & Interpretation
This course is for personnel who will perform and interpret control valve diagnostic testing using a FlowScanner.

Fundamentals of FIELDVUE Digital Instruments Handheld Communicator
This course is for technicians, engineers and others responsible for installing, calibrating, repairing and troubleshooting FIELDVUE and related instruments using the 275-375 Handheld Communicator.

Instrument Maintenance & Repair
This course is for technicians, engineers and others responsible for installing, calibrating, repairing and troubleshooting pneumatic and electronic instruments.

Instrument Technician
This course is for instrument technicians responsible for pneumatic and electronic instrument calibration, installation and troubleshooting.

Valve Maintenance with Digital Valve Controller Calibration
This is a 4-1/2 day session. The first 2-days of the course will cover sliding stem and rotary valves and actuators. Topics will include valve and actuator setup, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting.

Valve Technician I
This 4-1/2 days course explains how valves and actuators function and how they are installed and calibrated.

ValveLink & Diagnostics for FIELDVUE Data
This course is designed to teach the techniques necessary to collect and interpret valve diagnostic tests performed using AMS ValveLink software.

ValveLink & Diagnostics for FIELDVUE Operations
This course is for technicians, engineers and others responsible for installation, calibration and diagnostics for FIELDVUE and related instrument and software.



Regulators and Gas Control Training

No other natural gas regulator manufacturer in the world offers more products and local services dedicated to safe, effective applications than Emerson Regulator Technologies, Inc. Regulator Technologies Inc. has assumed the mantle of leadership in training the personnel of gas production, storage, pipeline, and distribution companies. Several courses covering the installation, troubleshooting, and adjustment of gas regulators and relief valves are available for gas regulator technicians at Regional Training Centers. Managers, engineers and technicians may wish to consider the Annual Gas Control Conferences. This 3-1/2 day event includes information from sizing and selection to troubleshooting.

Gas Control Conference
This conference is for those responsible for the selection, application and operation of regulators and control valves in the natural gas industry.

Gas Regulator Technician
This 3-day course is designed primarily for technicians responsible for the installation and maintenance of regulators and relief valves.

Gas Regulator Troubleshooting



Valve Automation Course Offerings

Valve Automation combines the strengths of five world-recognized brands: Bettis, Dantorque, El-O-Matic, Hytork and Shafer into a single unit. We capitalize on more than 100 years of combined experience dedicated to only one thing - controlling and automating valve operation. No one else can offer the breadth of product or the scope of service. As the world's leader in valve automation, we are constantly innovating and improving on the quality of our products and are able to augment our own resources with those of our colleagues in the Emerson organization.

Bettis Rack & Pinion Scotch Yoke Product Services
This 3-day class provides comprehensive information concerning the installation, operation and maintenance of all Bettis products.

Bettis Gas/Hydraulic Product Servicing
This 4-day course uses classroom style lectures and hands-on experience with working models.

Bettis PressureGuard & Linear Actuators, Control Systems & Accessories
This 3-day course provides an introduction to the range of valve actuators, control components and systems manufactured by Bettis in their Edmonton, Alberta facility.

Bettis Rack & Pinion & Scotch Yoke Products
This 4-day course provides an introduction to the range of pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators manufactured by Bettis in their Waller, Texas facility.

El-O-Matic Products
This 3-day class provides information on the ranges of pneumatic and electric actuators and accessories available from El-O-Matic.

Hytork Products
This 3-day class provides a solid grounding in valve automation solutions in general with detailed and specific information given on the range of actuators and control accessories available form Hytork.


If you have a specific training need that is not shown, please send us an email with your detailed needs and/or areas of interest to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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