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Northeast Controls Named Emerson Representative for Isolation and Pressure Relief Valves

Following Emerson’s acquisition of the Valves & Controls business unit of Pentair, Emerson has named Northeast Controls, Inc. as their representative in Upstate New York, Western NY and Western New England for many of the acquired products.

In addition to the well-known Emerson brands that Northeast Controls currently represents, like Fisher, Bettis, Virgo, EIM, and Enardo, Northeast Controls is proud to announce it now represents Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, Clarkson, Hancock, Keystone,  KTM, Sempell , Vanessa, and Yarway. The addition of these product lines and accompanying services means that Northeast Controls can now sell and service all valves.


Until today, across a wide range of industries, customers have been buying valves and valve services from many different providers, which adds complexity and cost to their process. Now, industrial process operators, purchasers, and engineers in the region can call one number for all valves & valve service needs, which includes control valves, isolation valves, pressure and safety relief valves, and valve actuation.

Northeast Controls President, David Rizzo, understands that building and operating reliable processes takes more than dependable equipment, it takes a team you can rely on.

“At Northeast Controls, we believe in delivering trust with every interaction. Our customers face real challenges building, operating, and maintaining safe, reliable, and efficient processes. They need a qualified team they can depend on through all stages of their operations. We are evolving our business, adding collaborative people, quality equipment, and dependable services, with the aim of providing our customers in process industry with safer, more reliable, easy-to access products and services.”

Northeast Controls relationship with Emerson as a Local Business Partner balances local expertise with global leadership. Emerson is a world class-manufacturer of leading and innovative technical solutions. Northeast Controls offers the local, human-powered network of application expertise and resources. Across North America, with fellow Local Business Partners, or around the globe with Emerson, Northeast Controls strives to collaborate with customers to solve their toughest challenges.

For a full list of the new brands that Northeast Controls represents click here






Northeast Controls announces 11,000 sq ft. Warehouse and Valve Automation Center Expansion


Northeast Controls is pleased to announce recent completion of our 11,000 square foot expansion of our Warehouse and Valve Automation Center in our Clifton Park, NY, facility. With this addition, Northeast Controls now has over 22,000 square feet of space for sub-assembly storage, finished goods storage, packaging, five dedicated valve assembly workstations with two five-ton bridge cranes, three additional valve assembly workstations dedicated for customer visits, engineering review, inspections and qualification testing, an ANSI/MSS seat leak test station, a high pressure leak station with up to 500 psid capability, and a Fisher Certified Valve Repair Facility. Contact us today to discuss your valve automation needs or to schedule a visit to see how we can support you!





Emerson CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer adds an interface to laser shaft alignment fixtures

Emerson Process Management has enhanced its portable CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyze​r with a wireless interface to popular laser shaft alignment tools. This advance reduces two burdens -- equipment and time -- for operators performing vibration analysis and corrective tasks in the field.

The CSI 2140 already offers four-channel plus phase data collection to save time and effort, advanced vibration analysis that embeds expertise in the tool, and multi-plane balancing to correct imbalance in industrial fans. By adding a wireless link to laser fixtures, Emerson further streamlines the work process. Using the CSI 2140, personnel can perform route-based vibration data collection; analyze the root cause; and align the machine -- all in one trip.  At the same time, they can identify and solve machinery faults to prevent any unplanned downtime.

Tom Nelson, CSI 2140 senior technology manager at Emerson, defined the addition of alignment as, “the last piece of the puzzle to deliver a single, superior tool for diagnosing and correcting faults in rotating equipment.”

The shaft alignment option for the CSI 2140 uses the familiar, intuitive Emerson interface to guide technicians through a three-step process that quickly achieves precision alignment. The laser fixtures employ a unique Sweep technology to measure misalignment easily, even in tight clearance applications. An advanced option monitors the corrective machine moves in vertical and horizontal directions simultaneously. All data collected with the CSI 2140 can be uploaded wirelessly to a single database using the AMS Suite: Machinery Health™ Manager software. This enables the maintenance team to collect data, analyze problems, and document results in parallel.  

For more information on the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer, please visit


Northeast Controls now represents Virgo Ball Valves


Northeast Controls is pleased to announce our representation of Virgo Automated and Manual Ball Valves. Virgo is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the engineered, on-off valve market, and complements Northeast Controls' Fisher control valve business and other product lines. The Virgo product lines available through Northeast Controls include: Floating Ball Valves, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Metal Seated Ball Valves, Welded Body Valves, Cryogenic Valves, and Top Entry Valves in a wide choice of standard materials as well as special materials such as Duplex, Super Duplex, and Iconel. Please contact one of Northeast Controls Sales Engineers to discuss your particular application needs so we can assist you.



DeltaV Version 12 Adds Increased Flexibility, Predictability, and Security While Reducing Complexity

The DeltaV System’s v12 release comes with big technological innovations that provide customers with new levels of flexibility, predictability and security along with reduced operating costs. Key features in this release include the expansion of Emerson’s innovative electronic marshalling, combining the proven performance and reliability of the DeltaV Safety Instrumented System (SIS) with the installation flexibility and space savings of its Electronic Marshalling technology. This new SIS offering greatly simplifies design, installation, wiring and commissioning of SIS projects, while at the same time increasing capacity and reducing footprint. Based on human centered design (HCD) principles, the new logic solver architecture uses Electronic Marshalling and characterization module (CHARM) technology to eliminate the need for conventional marshalling, which simplifies both installation and commissioning processes.

The v12 release also includes integrated Virtualization technology which enables users to easily consolidate computer resources and reduce implementation and maintenance costs. DeltaV Virtual Studio makes it easy to create virtual DeltaV systems from pre-built templates and preconfigured virtual networks. The v12 release can also allay users’ growing systems security concerns. The new Emerson Smart Firewall product in v12 allows users to easily set up a safe and secure network for the automation system, locking down the the control system network against unauthorized downloads and hacking without costly consulting from security experts.

For process industry users who produce in batches, the v12 release includes an easy-to-use analytics application that provides real-time quality predictions while the batch is in process. Using sophisticated models, it can trace the causes of manufacturing variations that can render a product below specifications or unmarketable. The application can help users correct manufacturing problems before the batch becomes irreparably compromised. For more information on Emerson Process Management's industry leading DeltaV System click here.


Northeast Controls appointed UPNY Representative for Rosemount Measurement - Municipal & Wastewater


Emerson Process Management has appointed Northeast Controls Inc. as their Representative for Rosemount Measurement products for the Municipal Water and Wastewater Markets in Upstate New York. Our Rosemount product offering includes a complete line of pressure, temperature, flow, level, and safety measurement instrumentation for all your plant application needs. Please contact Dmitri Krugovykh via email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone at (518)-664-0212 (office) or (518)-469-8025 (cell) to discuss your specific application needs and questions.


Emerson’s 2140 next-generation vibration analyzer enables faster data collection and analysis

Emerson Process Management has introduced the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer, the next generation of its portable tool for analyzing machinery vibration to detect potential problems before they lead to unplanned downtime. The new analyzer builds on the capabilities of Emerson’s popular CSI 2130 to provide new four-channel simultaneous data collection functionality, wireless and Bluetooth communication, and a full-color touchscreen. The CSI 2140 also delivers the fastest route collection capability on the market, enabling workers to spend more time on higher-value tasks. The analyzer’s new ergonomic shape and lighter weight make data-collection routes easier on users. Data collection is over 50% faster than with other analyzers, minimizing the time spent in uncomfortable or dangerous environments and allowing technicians to complete the collection more quickly. The screen is easy to read in both direct sunlight and dark areas and auto-adjusts based on ambient lighting. With four-channel data collection, users can collect vertical, horizontal, and axial readings on a bearing at the same time. Using this data and Emerson’s unique PeakVue™ technology, reliability technicians can detect compromised bearing performance earlier than with any other measurement technique. Contact Dmitri Krugovykh ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for more information about the new CSI 2140, as well as the limited time offer to trade in your current vibration analyzer for a discount on the CSI 2140.


Control Valve Services for Startups or Outages

Some valves need extra attention. You know which ones. Critical valves need critical attention at startup. When high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive materials are involved, you need these valves to perform quickly and flawlessly, with tight shut-off. That's where Northeast Controls' experts can really help you get your plant off to a great start. Our Instrument & Valve Startup Services include several indispensable steps for starting up and commissioning your critical valve applications. First, we review your valve's manufacturing specifications by checking its serial card for assembly configuration. We'll also check your valve's factory diagnostic benchmark. We'll check components such as tubing and linkages for any sign of external damage, and we'll ensure proper mounting of the valve.

Next comes a full seven-point diagnostic test, where we'll check and confirm travel, bench set, friction, seat load, trim condition, response to input signal, and stroking speed. Finally, we'll tune and calibrate the positioner, then issue a full exit report. When you purchase Valve Startup Services, you receive an enhanced service warranty (parts and labor) on the serviced valves, all included in our basic package. You can also purchase an ongoing Diagnostic Agreement, assuring that your critical valve will stay trouble-free and perform optimally. This plan includes one annual preventive maintenance servicing. Got a critical application planned for your plant, or do you have an upcoming plant outage or turnaround?  Contact a Northeast Controls Account Manager or Sales Engineer to help you keep your processes profitable and your valves working at peak performance.


Release of New, High Capacity Fisher Multi-Purpose Regulators


Northeast Controls is proud to announce the release of the Fisher Type MR105 Pressure Reducing Regulator and the Type MR108 Back Pressure / Pressure Relief Valve. We are very excited about this addition to our portfolio of multi-purpose industrial regulators. The MR105 and MR108 are large direct operated regulators which help fill the flow capacity gap between the Type 95/98 regulator and the Type 1098/63EG regulator product lines. For more information on the new MR105 and MR108 High Capacity Industrial Regulators, click here for a Flyer, or ask your Northeast Controls' Sales Engineer.


The DeltaV SIS Burner Management System - Permit the System to Operate When Safe

Emerson's DeltaV SIS Burner Management System (BMS) is a safety solution for control and monitoring of burner units. Through sequencing and interlocks, the DeltaV SIS BMS allows the burner unit(s) to go safely through all the relevant states, from start-up to operation, and shutdown when needed. If required (usually dependant on the size of the burner unit), the DeltaV SIS can also provide in automated leak testing of the gas valves. Using specially developed function blocks, the DeltaV SIS BMS solution is highly flexible and easy to maintain and monitor. Click here for more information on our DeltaV SIS Burner Management Solution, or  to download a flyer click here.


The Plantweb Experience: Benefit from Predictive Intelligence


Emerson's PlantWeb Experience is an innovative automation offering that combines AMS Suite predictive maintenance software with the DeltaV Digital Automation System. The result is a cost-effective entry system that scales up for easy installation and configuration, and allows your operations and maintenance staff to easily monitor field device health status so they can resolve potential instrument and valve issues before they become costly problems. For a copy of a flyer that highlights the differences between Emerson's Plantweb Experience/DeltaV System and a typical PLC offering, click here.


Northeast Controls now represents Bristol Control Wave for Gas Utilities and Process Industries

Northeast Controls is pleased to represent and sell Bristol ControlWave products and services from Emerson’s Remote Automation Solution’s Division for all Gas Utilities and Process Industries in Upstate New York, Western Massachusetts, and Southern Vermont.  Emerson’s ControlWave family of SCADA RTUs, PLCs, PACs, and Flow Computers provide the performance and flexibility needed for installation in rugged industrial and remote environments found in natural gas, water, and wastewater applications.

Read more: Northeast Controls now represents Bristol Control Wave for Gas Utilities and Process Industries


Northeast Controls appointed EIM Representative

Northeast Controls is pleased to announce that Emerson Process Management's Valve Automation Division has appointed Northeast Controls as the EIM representative for the Process Industries in New York State, Western Massachusetts, and Southwestern Vermont. EIM Controls is a well known manufacturer of high quality electric valve actuators, and has grown to become a leading supplier of multi-turn and quarter turn electric actuators in the Oil and Gas, Power, Pipeline, Refining, Water, and Marine industries. Please contact any of our Northeast Controls’ Account Managers or Inside Sales Engineers with your requirements for any EIM products.


Machinery Health Management Solutions to help prevent or reduce Unscheduled Downtime at your Plant


Did you know that Northeast Controls provides a complete line of machinery health solutions to our customers to help prevent or reduce unscheduled downtime of your plant's rotating equipment? We can specify and provide your plant with CSI portable stand-alone vibration analyzers, wireless vibration transmitters, on-line Machinery Health Monitoring systems, as well as data collection and analytical services for a comprehensive Asset Management program for your plant. Your local contact at Northeast Controls for Machinery Health Management solutions is Dmitri Krugovykh at (518)-469-8025 (cell), (518)-664-0212 (office), or you can email Dmitri at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Wireless HART™ Fisher® position monitor is now available


Emerson Process Management has expanded its Smart Wireless solutions family with the release of the Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitor. Beyond its wireless advantages, the 4320 monitor is the first and only linkage-less device that provides accurate position feedback and uses industry standard Wireless HART communications.



Read more: Wireless HART™ Fisher® position monitor is now available


Unlock the value in your Field Devices with the Smart Wireless 775 THUM Adapter

Most plants have hundreds or even thousands of HART® instrumentation points, all equipped with rich diagnostics and process information, yet this valuable information often goes unused because it’s too difficult and costly to access through traditional wired means. Many plants are simply unable to take full advantage of device intelligence because of older legacy control systems. Until now…The Smart Wireless THUM adapter enables you to easily and cost-effectively “see” all the valuable information that exists in your plant today.

Read more: Unlock the value in your Field Devices with the Smart Wireless 775 THUM Adapter


Fisher's Control-Disk™ Valve provides double the control range

Fisher's Control-Disk™ valve offers excellent throttling performance and is ideal for applications that involve fast processes and varying pressure drops, such as in the chemical, pulp and paper, and metals and mining industries. The Control-Disk valve’s wide control range is twice that of traditional butterfly valves for better adherence to set point. This improved capability allows control closer to the target set point, regardless of process disturbances, which results in a reduction in process variability.

Read more: Fisher's Control-Disk™ Valve provides double the control range


Fisher's 3-way valve improves temperature control


Fisher's GX 3-way valve is ideal for heat exchange applications. The GX 3-way control valve and actuator system has the ability to accurately control the temperature of water, oils, steam, and other industrial fluids. Applications include heat exchangers and lubricating skids. The flow cavity of the GX 3-Way valve body has been engineered to provide stable flow and reduce process variability. This linear stability is perfectly suited for temperature and pH control applications.


Read more: Fisher's 3-way valve improves temperature control


Flowscanner - A powerful diagnostic tool to evaluate and improve valve performance and profitability

The FlowScanner is powerful valve diagnostic tool that can help you evaluate the performance of all makes and models of control valves – accurately and efficiently. As a highly portable, field test instrument, the FlowScanner is ideally suited for process plant conditions. There’s no need to remove or disassemble the valves you want to test. Simply hook up the FlowScanner's sensors, and you’re ready to evaluate the valve’s operating condition and identify any corrective actions that might be required. You can also take advantage of the FlowScanner's new, remote testing capabilities. The FlowScanner is an excellent tool to use for valve commissioning before plant startup. By verifying that valves will function as intended, you can help ensure a smoother process startup. You can also use the FlowScanner to calibrate the instruments of the valve assembly, while creating an electronic record of the results. For more information, click here or contact a Northeast Controls Sales Engineer to discuss.


DeltaV SIS

DeltaV SIS helps increase safety integrity by continuously monitoring the ability of sensors, logic solvers, and final elements to perform on demand, with faults diagnosed before they cause spurious trips.The new 20-page DeltaV SIS™ brochure for Process Safety Systems provides customers with ways to reliably protect their assets and improve plant performance.



Virtual Classroom Training Offerings on DeltaV

Accomplish your training from work, home or anywhere with an internet connection. With Emerson’s Virtual Classroom you have access to your systems, instructors and curriculum from anywhere in the world. Imagine taking a class from the comfort of your home without the lost time and hassles of travel, airports and hotels. Emerson’s Virtual Classroom works through the use of web conferencing software and a live professional instructor to bring the classroom to your location.  Courses are delivered by Emerson’s certified instructors and contain identical content to the ‘on-site’ or factory schools. For more details click here.


CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor – Protection and Prediction in a Single Chassis


Missed trips, false trips, and running blind are not acceptable in your plant. Emerson’s CSI 6500 helps prevent missed trips by using module self-health checking, instrumentation health monitoring and hot-swappable, external, redundant power. The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is designed for process automation and protection system upgrade projects and combines prediction and protection in a single chassis.

Read more: CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor – Protection and Prediction in a Single Chassis


Emerson integrates wireless streaming video with DeltaV™ Operate

Emerson has further developed Smart Wireless solutions by integrating video streams from Industrial Video & Control Co.’s (IVC) Relay Server with DeltaV™ Operate. For process manufacturers, the benefits of having a live video feed embedded within the DeltaV Operate display are many and include:

Safety: Enables an additional “all-clear” visual before the execution of a process start-up, shut-down, or turnaround. Allows operators to monitor hazardous areas. Security: Additional eyes on the process area, remote plant areas, or site perimeter. Productivity: Live visual of the process being controlled (e.g. boiler) alongside the process measurements. Contact your Northeast Controls’ Account Manager for a Wireless Remote Video Monitoring Service Data Sheet and to discuss this new capability. 


The 475 Field Communicator - the next generation in portable communicators



Built on the industry-leading technology of the 375 Field Communicator, the new 475 Field Communicator now includes a full graphical interface, faster start up and operating time so jobs can be performed quickly, and a long lasting Lithium-Ion battery that ensures days, not hours, of operation. Bluetooth® communication is also now available to establish a quick connection to the PC to transfer device configuration data. The 475 Field Communicator supports all HART®, WirelessHART® and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus devices.

Read more: The 475 Field Communicator - the next generation in portable communicators


Northeast Controls becomes REXA Representative

Northeast Controls is pleased to announce that we are now the representative for REXA Electraulic Actuation Products in Western Massachusetts and Upstate New York.

Read more: Northeast Controls becomes REXA Representative


DCA Express - Fast, Easy Document Managing for Manufacturing

DCA Express is Emerson’s stand alone Syncade solution for Document Control and Archiving (DCA). It is scalable from a single department, an entire site, to an entire global enterprise. Preconfigured for manufacturing companies, DCA Express is a quick and easy system for electronic document management.

Read more: DCA Express - Fast, Easy Document Managing for Manufacturing


New Fisher Technology Development Center extends Emerson’s commitment to Marshalltown

The Fisher division of Emerson Process Management has opened the new Fisher Technology Development Center, which is the industry’s largest and most advanced flow control research facility. This state-of-the-art facility allows Fisher to continue to develop the innovative control valve technologies that help customers maximize the performance of their plants. The new facility quadruples current air and water flow rate capabilities to permit testing of valves for larger and higher pressure applications; increases pressure and flow sub-systems to support noise abatement research and product development; provides new flow sciences research labs to support multi-phase, cavitation and real world fluid control problems; expands dynamic performance test loops to accommodate larger valves; supports all new product development; and improves customer demonstration and customer witness testing capability. Capabilities of Fisher’s New Technology Development Center include:

Simulation and analysis lab
Acoustics lab
PlantWeb dynamic performance lab
Instrument development and software labs
Cryogenic testing lab
Dynamic performance lab
Materials lab
High-temperature steam lab
Flow labs
Cycle life lab
Experimental stress lab
Vibration lab

For more information contact your Northeast Controls Sales Engineer to help arrange your visit to Fisher’s New Technology Development Center. For a brochure, click on: Research and Engineering brochure

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