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Machinery Health - Plantweb Optics - Introduction

Course number

2040 - Machinery Health - Plantweb Optics - Introduction


This 2-day course is designed for new users of the Plantweb Optics software and is based on the current software release. Students will learn how to navigate through the software, manage the database and add locations using the Plantweb Optics Asset Explorer utility. Students will bind physical locations to logical locations. Students will also learn how to navigate the Plantweb Optics Asset Viewer utility used on PC/ laptop and mobile device applications to receive real-time information about equipment that is relevant to their job.


Computer experience with the Windows operating system and some vibration analysis experience are recommended.


• Basic Navigation

  • Database Building using the Asset Explorer utility
  • Asset Viewer utility and subscriptions
  • Historian
  • Dashboard
  • User Manager (Setting users/Permissions/Tokens for the App)
  • Asset Viewer utility Mobile App
  • Asset Source Interface (ASIs)