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Bettis - Pneumatic Rack & Pinion and Scotch Yoke - Maintenance & Field Service - Level I

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A 5-day class introducing comprehensive information concerning the installation, operation and maintenance of Emerson's Bettis™ Pneumatic and Scotch Yoke Actuator.


Upon completion, the student should understand the basic principles of operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the Bettis Pneumatic and Scotch Yoke Actuator. 


  • Valve Automation Center Contract Review
  • Installation/Maintenance Instruction Manuals
  • Product Serial Numbers Review
  • Service Procedure Index Review
  • General Operating/Maintenance Instructions
  • General Servicing Information on RPB, RPC, RPD, RPE, CB, CBA, CBB, CBAx30, HD, T, and G-Series ActuatorsReview
  • Hands-On Training-EG; Conversions of actuator fail directions from CW to CCW and CWW to CW
  • Field Service Work Performed by VAC's, Bettis Houston WACC Procedure Review
  • Five days of Practical Exercises Involving the Disassembly and Reassembling of Emerson Bettis™ Houston WACC products
  • Features and Benefits of Emerson Bettis™ Houston WACC Products for field maintenance
  • How to trouble shoot field problems
  • How to add features (options) to existing actuators
  • Introduction to pneumatic controls
  • Introduction of actuator to valve mounting hardware


Work in the valve automation industry: shop assembly or field maintenance.