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Fisher - Control Valve Engineering I

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Fisher - Control Valve Engineering I - Course 1300

This 3-day course reviews design and operating principles of control valves, actuators, positioners and related accessories. It describes the sizing and selection methods for a broad variety of control valves assemblies. Students will solve several demonstration sizing and selection problems using Fisher Specification Manager and published materials, plus participate in equipment demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

Students who complete this course will:

• Select the proper valve characteristic for a given process

• Choose suitable styles of control valves for an application

• Size control valves and actuators

• Properly apply positioners and instruments


• Control Valve Selection: Rotary/Sliding Stem

• Actuator Selection and Sizing

• Liquid Valve Sizing

• Gas Valve Sizing

• Positioners and Transducers

• Valve Application Guidelines

• Valve Characteristics

• Valve Packing Considerations


This course is for engineers, technicians and others responsible for the selection, sizing, and application of control valves, actuators and control valve instrumentation.


Some experience with industrial controls equipment including control valves and actuators would be helpful.