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Fisher - Diagnostic Data Interpretation Using ValveLink Software -FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers

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Fisher - Diagnostic Data Interpretation Using Valvelink Software for FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers

This 3 day course practical exercises and discussions to teach the student to interpret and analyze diagnostic data obtained using FIELDVUE digital valve controllers and ValveLink software. Students will perform diagnostic tests on a variety of valve/actuator combinations and use the data to determine bench set, dynamic error band, seat load, spring rate, and other pertinent parameters. Students will also perform comparison tests on valves/actuators containing assembly or operating flaws and use the data for troubleshooting purposes.


  • Pneumatic control valve terminology
  • Features of the digital valve controller and ValveLink software
  • ValveLink diagnostic tests
  • Data interpretation
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Comparison testing techniques
  • Performance diagnostics


Course #1752