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Valves & Instruments

As an Emerson Impact Partner, our product portfolio includes the full breadth of Emerson's name brands, including Fisher, Anderson-Greenwood, Crosby, Keystone, KTM, Vanessa, Enardo, Sempell, Bettis, Penberthy, Yarway, and many more. 

For a full list of the brands offered, please visit our Brands page. To see a full listing of our Emerson product lines, please click here.

For a specific inquiry regarding a particular brand, click here to submit your request.

In addition to our full breadth of Emerson product lines, Northeast Controls currently is a representative or distributor of the following complementary brands:

  • Fike Rupture Disks
  • QTRCO Actuators
  • IMI Norgren and Thompson Solenoid Valves
  • AI Tek Sensors and Tachometers
  • Spectro Scientific
For inquiries or specific questions regarding any of the above brands, click here.

To access a current Product Line Card of companies and products Northeast Controls represents, click here.

You can also feel free to contact any one of our Northeast Controls sales engineers for additional information by dialing (518)-664-6600 or through our website by clicking here.

Yes. We are happy to apply our expertise to help you source the best process control, flow, and pressure and temperature equipment to meet your needs. Our vast experience serving the process control industries in our region has given us access to many valve solutions, both Emerson and non-Emerson.

We highly recommend making sure your remanufactured valves are certified by the original manufacturer, come with standard certificates and documentation, and use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

We size control valves based on Fisher's control valve sizing standards. Fisher control valves are all flow tested in Fisher's world class innovation center flow lab to verify actual flow rate calculations. This gives us the confidence we need in our control valve sizing to offer the best solution to meet your pressure, flow, and noise requirements. 

If you need help sizing a valve, please call us at 1-(518)-664-6600.