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DeltaV v14 Cyber-Certified, from Top-to-Bottom

February 1, 2020

Cyber-Certified from top-to-bottom

Security breaches on a process control system can have disastrous implications. It has become increasingly important to protect your process control system and network connections and take appropriate steps to further protect your plant against potential threats.

DeltaV™ v14 gives you a new level of confidence and protection from cybersecurity threats by being one of the only systems to have a top-to-bottom cybersecurity certification.

DeltaV™ v14 will be certified ISASecure SSA Level 1 and IEC 62443 compliant, demonstrating validation by an accredited third party that Emerson developers are trained to write secure code and the system as a whole is hardened against emerging cyber threats.

Additionally, Cybersecurity Solutions for DeltaV Systems are available and include a set of services and products for you to establish a proactive cybersecurity strategy. 

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