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Mimic Field 3D - A New Emerson Digital Twin Offering

March 15, 2020

Mimic Field 3D - A New Emerson Digital Twin Offering

As the process industry continues to embrace Digital Transformation to optimize plant operations, the Digital Twin plays a critical role. The Emerson Digital Twin allows plant operations to reduce the cost and risk of improving the operations and control of the plant, as well as support upskilling of the workforce.

This new Mimic Field 3D Digital Transformation solution allows you to:

  • Protect your assets and empower your people by training field operators without deploying them to dangerous, costly, or isolated environments.
  • Plan migration and turnaround activities while reducing risk and minimizing plant downtime.
  • Recreate communication between the control room and field operators.
  • Perform maintenance procedures and equipment familiarization in a safe, immersive environment.
  • Start production earlier with trained field operators.

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