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New IIoT Offerings for Wireless Vibration Monitoring

March 1, 2020

New IIoT Offerings for Wireless Vibration Monitoring

As the wireless vibration market leader for over a decade, no one has more experience with wireless vibration than Emerson Automation Solutions. Now, Northeast Controls can offer several new packages to address the IIoT market:

  1. The AMS 9420 now includes Advanced Diagnostics with spectrum and waveform in every package – including the promotional IIoT package at no additional charge.
  2. The AMS 9420 has new packages for use with line power and/or preinstalled sensors. The line power adapter for the AMS 9420 provides a unique differentiator that addresses customer pain of having to replace power modules, provides flexibility for more frequent data collection, and flexible sensor choices for lower price options or high temperature applications.
  3. Introducing the AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor – Emerson’s new integral triaxial vibration + temperature wireless device.

To learn more about these lower priced, higher value packages offering full functionality on both wireless vibration platforms, Contact Us.