Certification Program

To ensure uniform quality throughout Emerson Process Management’s worldwide service organization, Emerson utilizes an aggressive and effective certification program that sets forth certification requirements for both service facilities and their personnel. Certification establishes the levels of technical competency and local resources necessary to provide effective customer support. Emerson maintains a database that tracks training and other requirements being met by Emerson Local Business Partners around the world. A team of experts from key organizations within Emerson Process Management along with appointed Service Managers form a committee that routinely reviews certification requirements to ensure applicability to current product revision levels. Thus, proficiency of Northeast Controls’ service providers is ensured, even in new and emerging technology areas of our business

System Registration

Emerson requires each Control System to be registered upon startup. Registration is essential to ensure that information in our databases regarding the system is correct so that Northeast Controls can provide the highest quality service expected by our customers. Equipment registration provides the means for traceability as well as providing customer contact information for safety notices, upgrade programs, and material planning. Additionally, registration activates the service included with each system and starts the hardware warranty on the first day the end-user has use of the system. Thus, systems are not registered while they are in transit or at a Northeast Controls facility, but are registered by the end user at the time they are placed into service to avoid any loss of warranty service time by our customers.

Emerson uses the system registration utility to enable Guardian Support Service. Emerson highly recommends that systems enrolled in Guardian Support be periodically re-registered. This is especially important following Control System software version updates or system expansions.

DeltaV System Identification Number

Each DeltaV Control System is assigned a System Identification Number that uniquely identifies each system for licensing, warranty, and support purposes. This ID number can be found on the System Identification KEY installed in the USB or parallel port of the Professional Plus workstation. It can also be displayed on the DeltaV by clicking on “HELP” then selecting “ABOUT”. The number will be displayed as 12-digits (three sets of four digits, each set separated by a hyphen) beginning with “0001-“.

Global Service Management System

Emerson Process Management maintains a global Service Management System (SMS) of information vital to our service providers in order to ensure optimum timeliness and efficiency of our service efforts. Our SMS consists of a number of resources containing technical, customer, system, product and service information which is made available to Northeast Controls. The various resources are described in detail below.

  • Installed Base Profiles – This database contains end user and system information about DeltaV, AMS, RS3, and PROVOX customers. It allows Northeast Controls access to the factory’s records relative to service delivery (expiration dates, contact info, and DST size).
  • Call Tracking System – Each call to Emerson Process Management from customers and Northeast Controls for technical assistance is logged and tracked through to problem resolution. The Call Tracking System (CTS) database provides factory and Northeast Controls the ability to access information regarding problems for a particular customer system. Calls may also be searched based on a particular technical topic to aid in resolving a new call for technical assistance. Northeast Controls uses this worldwide database to quick resolve your issue/questions. Our goal is to solve a problem only once by documenting the symptoms and solutions in CTS.
  • Material Return Tracking – All materials returned to Emerson Process Management for repair are tracked through our Material Return Tracking (MRT) system. The MRT system provides Northeast Controls with information on Repair Authorizations and Repair Order records for products. Using the MRT system, Northeast Controls has the ability to check the status of any Return Authorization or Repair Order, check for past due returns and check for other outstanding issues. The system also allows the ability to check for root cause of “DOA” material and to review failure analysis data.
  • Knowledge Base – Emerson Process Management maintains a repository of technical information referred to as the “Knowledge Base” (KB). It contains technical articles pertaining to AMS, DeltaV, Bus Technology, PROVOX and RS3 product families. It is available to customers who subscribe to Guardian Foundation Support and to a Northeast Controls’ Support Plan. The KB is an excellent resource for problem resolution as it provides the ability to research a particular topic to check for relevant safety notices, recent release notices, installation/service tips, and workarounds.
  • Information Retrieval System (IRS) – This is a powerful tool that has been provided for Northeast Controls to aid in the ability to search the many databases in the SMS for particular topics or information. This web-based tool provides a powerful search engine capability to locate, view, and print documents based on keyword strings. Multiple databases may be selected for search at one time. It provides access to Technical Support Call Records, Service Bulletins, Knowledge Base Articles, Installed Base Profiles and Material Return Tracking data. Customers benefit from quick problem resolution.

Our Services Portfolio

Customer requirements drive Northeast Controls’ Portfolio of Services. At Northeast Controls, we recognize that Process Automation System (PAS) lifecycle support needs vary from one customer to another in both content and time commitment, and that our customers make investments over the system lifecycle for three basic reasons:

  • System Availability Services – “Keep your system running…” The essential day-to-day system maintenance activities performed by the customer’s own System Managers with support from Emerson’s Factory and Northeast Controls. These services are designed to help achieve the desired level of certainty for system uptime, taking your process, system design, and in-house resources into account (i.e., increase utilization of essential production systems and to take advantage of advanced diagnostics capabilities to minimize production losses resulting from unexpected equipment failures).
  • Application Services – “Apply the best technologies” with a focus on prevention of system issues and improvement of plant operation. These services are designed to help achieve expected results of the technology and related work processes as your company reacts to evolving business conditions (i.e., reduce variability and keep operations steady; assist in permitting extension of preventive maintenance shutdown cycles; sustain the highest level of safety; improve plant operation efficiency; provide greater reliability and deliver more consistent yields).
  • System Sustainability Services – “Preserve your investment” to sustain the initial investment such that it matches the standard of the technology that can be routinely supported and serviced (i.e., minimize the total cost of ownership for keeping the PAS viable and ensuring the required level of system uptime). These services can include identifying, assessing, planning, and implementing PlantWeb technology updates and upgrades to minimize system down time, prevent system offsets, and minimize total cost of ownership.