These are the basic, essential, day-to-day system maintenance services designed to help you achieve the desired level of certainty for system uptime, taking your process, system design, and in house resources into account.

SureService™ – Critical Data Backup Application
Delivers a reliable method for automatically backing up data, improving data availability and security, minimizing data recovery costs, and providing business continuity for your DeltaV System’s.

SureService™ – Emergency On-Site Service 
Reduce DeltaV System, DeltaV SIS, and Syncade downtime with Priority Response from our System Experts.

SureService™ – Express Module Replacement 
Designed to help you get critical DeltaV System replacement hardware components fast in order to minimize costly disruption to plant operations.

SureService™ – Guardian Support 
System Management Made Easy for your DeltaV System.

SureService™ – Inspection & Initialization Service 
Ensure Trouble-free Startup and Operation of your PlantWeb and DeltaV System.

SureService™ – Power and Grounding
An investigation, assessment, and analysis, resulting in a report of recommendations to correct issues in your plant for DeltaV and Emerson products.

SureService™ – Scheduled On-Site Services 
Supplement or Develop Plant Staff with tailored, flexible Scheduled On-Site Service for your DeltaV System, DeltaV SIS and Syncade systems.

SureService™ – Security Assessment Service 
Prevent Potential Loss from Cyber Security Threats for your DeltaV System.

SureService™ – SIS Functional Safety Maintenance & Proof Testing 
Emerson’s SIS specialists can work with your designated plant personnel to gather operational and maintenance data, then plan and execute SIS proof testing procedures.

SureService™ – SIS Site Support Services 
Select the right service for the right time given the client’s level of resources and their particular needs, over the SIS Life Cycle.

SureService™ – Smart Wireless After Project Support Services
Plant Network Solution After Project Support for your DeltaV System and Emerson products.