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Building for Success at Abgenix
Adisseo: Partnership Feeds Competitive Advantage
Cool Measurement Results at Air International
Digital Automation Delivers Results at Akzo Nobel
American Refining Group: Migration for Historic Growth & Performance
Appleton Coated: Transition for Improved Mill Performance
Built for Batch: Results at AstraZeneca
Atlas Paper Mills
PlantWeb Comes to Austin Utilities
Baxter Pharmaceutical
Baxter Healthcare, Inc., Guayama, Puerto Rico: Performance and Profitability with Advanced Control
Bayer Integrated Site Shanghai: Setting Technology & Performance Standards
Biovet: Digital Automation for Competitive Results
Better Boiler Performance at Boise Cascade
Upscaling Performance at Bowater
Results with PlantWeb at BP Chemical
Cabot Shanghai
Predictive Control at Canfor: Big Savings and Fast Payback
Canfor: Transition for Results with DeltaV Operate for PROVOX
Results with Busses: The Cargill Transition
Carlton United Brewery Installs DeltaV and PlantWeb
Rolling Out Results at Carriage Carpets
Cedarburg Pharmaceuticals
Mission Critical at Bearspaw: City of Calgary Waterworks
Cognis: Automating & Integrating With DeltaV and Busses
Condat: Results with DeltaV Batch & Busses
Delivering Results Safely at Degussa
Results with DeltaV
Diavik: Converting Increased Uptime to Carats
DeltaV: Sizing Up Results at Eastman Chemical Company
Flexibility for Results at Elekeiroz 
Entergy Thermal 
Reliability and Energy Savings at Fosfertil
Harpoon Brewery Handcrafts with Automation
Huntsman Petrochemicals UK Ltd: Maximizing Production & Purity with Advanced Control
Huntsman Tioxide: Greatham. Results with PlantWeb Digital Technology
Ineos Chlor: Alliance for Performance and Savings Description
Maximizing Critical Assets at Ispat Inland
Land O’ Lakes
Lonza: Partnership Doubles the Results
Lubrizol: Results with Insight Adaptive Loop Tuning
Lukoil: Partnership for Competitive Advantage
Lurgi Metallurgie Constructs a Solution
PlantWeb Comes to Millennium
Transition for Results at Mt. Vernon Mills
Nexen Chemical: Quick Transition for Competitive Advantage 
Integrating for Operational Savings at Noltex
Digital Automation Delivers Results for OUCC
Automation Transition for Growth and Performance
Pascorp: Digital Process Automation for Competitive Results 
PlantWeb Comes to PDVSA
Petroflex: Alliance with Emerson Produces Results
Pecom (Petrolera Perez Companc Naviera S.A.) Integrates for Production, Safety & Environmental Results
Petroquímica União: Smooth Transition to Emerson Digital Technology
Purdue University: Boilermakers Update at Their Own Pace
Quest Separation Technologies
The Flavor of Results at Real Café
DeltaV and Busses: Architecture for Results at Rhodia
Rompetrol Modernizes Safety Instrumented System to Achieve IEC 61511 Safety Standards
Shell Philippines: Less Manpower & High Availability at Malampaya
Shriram: Smart Safety Integration Delivers Results
SmithKline Beecham Prescription for Process Control 
World Business Review – Results at Solutia, Decatur
Savings at Solutia 
Tarkim: Automation Partnership Fuels Results
Tembec: Transition to New Productivity
TGS: Transition and Integration for Performance
Tipton Gas: Alliance Delivers Results, Safely
Transition “On the Fly” at Ultrafertil
Voith: Leading Paper Mill Supplier Counts on DeltaV