DeltaV SIS™ Safety Instrumented System

The DeltaV SIS™ takes a modern approach to increase safety integrity while improving process availability. The proven DeltaV Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) continuously monitors your plant’s safety devices’ status and diagnoses the health of the entire safety loop–dramatically reducing your risk. The logic solver, certified to safety integrity level (SIL) 3 uses electronic marshalling technology to reduce your installation, commissioning and maintenance costs while substantially reducing your equipment footprint.

The DeltaV SIS™ system can also operate as standalone process safety system. It easily, transparently and independently integrates to a basic process control system (BPCS) from any vendor using Modbus TCP, OPC or The proven DeltaV SIS™ continuously monitors your plant’s safety devices’ status and diagnoses the health of the entire safety loop–dramatically reducing your risk.

Products & Tools include:

  • Bypass and Override Management
  • Engineering
  • Integration
  • Logic Solver Hardware
  • Network Security
  • Reliability
  • Sequence of Events
  • Simulation
  • Virtualization

DeltaV SIS™ – Bypass & Override Management

To minimize spurious trips during startup, DeltaV SIS provides built-in functionality to define startup bypasses, which are automatically removed after the process has reached normal operation.

Bypasses allow maintenance activities (calibration, proof testing, or repair of a transmitter or other sensors) to take place without the risk of a spurious trip. For safety sake, the built-in functionality allows managing maintenance bypasses — so they are placed and removed at the right time. Benefits include:

  • Simplify Bypass Implementation
  • Increase Maintenance Safety
  • Document Bypasses & Overrides

DeltaV SIS™ – Engineering

IEC 61508-certified built-for purpose function blocks offer advanced engineering technology, drag-and-drop configuration, comprehensive security, and explorer-based software. These function blocks simplify configuration and troubleshooting by providing safety logic needed for voting, sequencing, and/or alarming.

With engineering software, manage all aspects of your system configuration: hardware, safety logic, built-in change management, and history. Benefits include:

  • Eliminate Custom Code
  • Ease IEC 61511 Compliance
  • Use of Field Diagnostics

DeltaV SIS™ – Integration

As integrated control and safety systems (ICSS), DeltaV™ and DeltaV SIS™ provide integrated engineering, maintenance, and operations environment. The integrated-but-separate architecture delivers total integration and total separation without the difficulties of the two extremes.

The systems maintain the separation required by IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards. Benefits include:

  • Zero Data Mapping
  • Architecturally Independent
  • Increase Safety Visibility
  • Increase Efficiency

DeltaV SIS™ Logic Solver Hardware

The DeltaV SIS process safety system extends flexibility to fit your requirements by offering multiple types of logic solver hardware: the Smart Logic Solver (SLS) and the CHARMs Smart Logic Solver (CSLS). Both logic solvers provide modular, distributed and scalable safety solutions.

The SLS provides software configurable I/O while the CSLSs provides individually interchangeable channels according to your device signal type, so late project changes won’t hold up schedules. Products include:

  • CHARMs Smart Logic Solver (CSLS)
  • Smart Logic Solver Hardware (SLS)

DeltaV SIS™ Security & Networks

Communications among logic solvers occur on dedicated safety networks with no direct connection from outside. All communication goes through an isolation node that securely allows DeltaV DCS and DeltaV SIS to exchange data.

Engineering tools offer configurable access control where administrators control user privileges. Items are edited only by approved users. A Logic Solvers lock prevents unauthorized access. A hardware key switch on the CSLS can enforce physical presence before implementing a change which means that logic Solvers are protected even if user credentials were compromised. Benefits include:

  • Improve Security
  • Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Deploy and Replace Faster
  • Easier IEC 61511 Compliance

DeltaV SIS™ Sequence of Events

DeltaV SIS™ built-for-compliance architecture provides a compelling Sequence of Events engine out of the box, in compliance with IEC 61511. Every event is automatically time stamped on the logic solver and saved to the SOE database, providing an exact sequencing with very high resolution. If for some reason the logic solver communication to the SOE database ceases, the logic solver buffers the events, so no event data are lost. The SOE viewer makes it easy to find event data and troubleshoot. Benefits include:

  • Remove Engineering Complexity
  • Ease Compliance to IEC 61511
  • Know What Happened

DeltaV SIS™ Virtualization & Simulation

By virtualizing the DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling, engineers work in an easy, intuitive, and high-fidelity virtual environment to create and test the safety logic without requiring hardware.

DeltaV Simulate for SIS provides a complete simulated environment for Smart Logic Solvers (SLS1508) to design and test without logic solver hardware. Benefits include:

  • Eliminate Hardware of FAT
  • Ship Hardware to Site Earlier
  • No Changes Needed for Transfer