“It’s Easier and Secure, with Increased Performance…”

DeltaV Unplugged

Native WirelessHART Integration.
For easy field wireless network setup and operation, the DeltaV v10.3 software autosenses the 1420 WirelessHART gateway as a DeltaV node and autosenses the WirelessHART devices as they are added. All HART alerts from WirelessHART devices are available for your predictive operations and maintenance practices, giving you easier and more complete monitoring of your process.

Increased Performance and Reliability

More Powerful Controller.
The DeltaV MX Controller doubles in capacity to support your large continuous and batch applications. It can also handle your legacy DCS migrations within a single controller.

Redundant Profibus DP.
Provides a drop-in replacement for existing cards with seamless switchover to redundant Profibus network without requiring any new wiring or changes to your existing DeltaV configuration.

OPC Server Redundancy.
Ensure the highest degree of communication reliability and availability between DeltaV and OPC client applications with redundant OPC Data Access servers.

OPC Mirror Redundancy.
Redundant OPC Mirror delivers the highest degree of reliability and availability for server-to-server communications between DeltaV and other OPC servers.

Wide Screen Monitor Operator Stations.
Use additional screen real estate for improved operator navigation or for wider operator displays. DeltaV Operator Station screens are easily tailored to match your operational philosophy and maximize operator productivity.

Security Made Easy

Automatic Port Lockdown.
Worried about intruders connecting to unused DeltaV control network Ethernet ports? Fear not. DeltaV Smart Switches assure easy, automatic lockdown of unused switch ports. You don’t have to be an IT guru or even involve your IT group, to lock down the DeltaV Control Network.

Dell Hardened Workstations.
DeltaV v10.3 software adds new, easily assignable user security groups for restricted operator function users. System logon security has been enhanced with two-factor authentication, which requires a smart card login method.

DeltaV Smart Switches.
Stop reconfiguring or troubleshooting misconfigured network switches to ensure they are compatible with your DeltaV system. DeltaV Smart Switches come completely preconfigured to plug and play in the DeltaV network–no configuration required. To support any network solution, they are available in modular rack mount, fixed, and modular field mount options Wired or fiber optic network connections are available.

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
The DeltaV v10.3 software now runs in the highly secure Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating system environments. It’s also fully tested and certified to run in the Windows XP, Service Pack 3 environment, giving you the flexibility you need for your cyber-security efforts.

Automated Patch Delivery.
For easier patch management, Guardian sends approved anti-virus, security, and DeltaV system patches, plus related installation instructions to a computer in the DMZ above your DeltaV system.

Advanced Analysis and Optimization

DeltaV InSight.
With DeltaV InSight’s new adaptive control capability, you may never have to retune that problem control loop again. Only DeltaV software automatically learns process dynamics, diagnoses control problems, and re-tunes control loops automatically for optimal performance. DeltaV InSight supersedes DeltaV Inspect and Tune. It provides increased performance and availability for all DeltaV and FOUNDATION Fieldbus based control loops with no additional configuration or maintenance effort. DeltaV InSight includes automatic control performance reports that are easily scheduled to provide key performance metrics for efficient operations.

Enterprise Historian Integration.
For a complete historical view of all your DeltaV and non-DeltaV operating processes, OSIsoft® Inc’s Enterprise PI, now can run in a DeltaV Application Station. Once installed, the “embedded” PI enterprise historian is easily configured and used just like the native DeltaV Continuous Historian.

DeltaV History Data Anywhere.
The Web browser-based History Analysis application provides DeltaV historical batch, continuous and event data to any user on the Web. Intuitive data search capabilities-like popular Web search sites–and a task-based user interface, make it easy for even non-DeltaV users to find the right data. Analyzing batch data is easy–it automatically associates the batch and continuous process data as well as provides for multiple batch comparisons. Once identified, you can easily export data via open, XML-based text files for use in specialized analysis software

Workstation Alarm Reports.
Easily record the active and/or suppressed alarms at an Operator Station, such as prior to shift change, for tracking and communications.

Smarter SIS

DeltaV SIS Communications.
For large, demanding safety-critical applications, the secure DeltaV SIS communications bandwidth has doubled to simplify engineering and communications between DeltaV logic solvers.

DeltaV SIS Simulation.
For easier logic development, project factory acceptance testing, and ongoing operator training, DeltaV Simulate now extends to DeltaV SIS in standalone and multimode applications. Only the DeltaV system delivers an integrated BPCS and SIS simulation solution using the exact same configuration that is implemented in the plant.

DeltaV SIS / DVC6000 SIS.
DeltaV SIS HART 2-state output now connects with Fisher DVC6000 SIS to provide continuous power to DVC6000 when in the shutdown state. Installation and maintenance are simplified since a solenoid is no longer required to retain power for diagnostics forensics data stored in the DVC6000 SIS.

Easier Engineering

Control Studio Ribbon Bar.
Configuring the DeltaV system is even easier and more intuitive with the quick access toolbar and ribbon. Similar to Microsoft Office 2007 applications, actions are organized by logical tasks and are fully customizable. Productivity-enhancing tooltips and fast keys streamline configuration efforts.

Control Studio Palette.
Function blocks are logically organized in accordion style palettes, which provide views to all available types of function blocks, making single click access to any palette easy.

DeltaV Control Studio.
Now you have access to powerful and versatile DeltaV SIS function blocks including the analog voter, discrete voter, cause-and-effect matrix, state transition, and step sequencer blocks for use in the DeltaV controller. Engineering sophisticated control strategies now is faster and simpler.

DeltaV / SmartPlant Instrumentation Interface.
For faster project execution, the Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation interface with DeltaV v10.3 configuration provides bi-directional exchange of configuration data for DeltaV controllers, I/O cards, I/O channels, device signal tags, and conventional, HART, and FOUNDATION fieldbus instruments: scaling, I/O channel assignment, and alarms limits. FOUNDATION fieldbus configuration includes segment addressing and function block configuration. The bidirectional communication is invaluable for faster project execution, project scope changes, and efficient turnaround planning.

DeltaV Simulate.
A new simulation download capability enables automatic MiMic simulation updates based on current DeltaV control configuration, saving engineering time and improving simulation consistency.

Recipe Studio Ribbon Bar.
Like DeltaV Control Studio, the ribbon bar organizes Recipe Studio functions by task and provides easy one-click access.

AMS Device Manager.
Smart device configuration is now simplified with task-based terminology and consistent structure in the integration with the DeltaV Explorer.

Expression Editor.
The DeltaV Expression editor is easier to use with the addition of the ribbon bar. Pull-down selections, history of recently used function, added rightclick options, and options to maximize editor space make system configuration efficient and easy.

Migration Made Easier.
Version Control now makes it easy to identify, report, and filter changes that have occurred during the DeltaV software upgrade process.

Easier Maintenance

FOUNDATION Fieldbus Device Replacement and Commissioning – No Computer Necessary.
No longer is interaction with a computer screen required to replace a FOUNDATION fieldbus device. Device commissioning is faster, and fewer resources are required. DeltaV Process History automatically records the automated commissioning steps for automatic documentation.

Optimized FOUNDATION Fieldbus Downloads.
To reduce overall commissioning time, the time required to perform downloads to FOUNDATION fieldbus devices during plant startups and commissioning has been significantly reduced.

Remote Zone Area Autosense.
To more easily manage your DeltaV Zones, your remote DeltaV zone areas are easily shared with the local zone through a simple right-click in the DeltaV Explorer. Common names are automatically reconciled to ensure robustness.

Agile Manufacturing

Unified Operator Interface.
Easy-to-use batch controls and default displays eliminate the need to switch between applications to operate your batches.

Dynamic Unit Allocation.
To reduce manual errors, Dynamic Unit Allocation is available for you to have the DeltaV Batch Executive automatically select which units to use so that operators don’t have to.

Equipment Trains.
Equipment trains are now available to set up equipment paths for procedures to use. These help reduce the number of selections an operator must make to minimize the potential for error and lost production.

Change Units, Update Recipes on the Fly.
You can now make equipment changes and recipe updates at any time, giving you more operating flexibility and making it easier to keep your batch running when unforeseen circumstances arise in your plant.

Continuous Campaign Iterations.
Make recipe selections once and then run the same batch repeatedly – without user intervention – until you decide that your campaign should be finished.

Web Services for Campaign Management Recipe Building.
Through a secure service-oriented architecture (SOA) gateway, enterprise-planning systems can build recipes and initiate DeltaV batches and campaigns.

ISA-95 Integration Rivaled by No Other.
For your ISA-95 enterprise planning and optimization, DeltaV software integrates tightly with Emerson’s Syncade® Smart Operations Management Suite. Only Emerson offers one recipeengineering environment, one recipe execution environment, and one data collection environment for your automatic and manual processes, giving you a single electronic batch record for faster release of product.

Recipe Exchange Web Services.
Recipes that include manual processes are easily managed in ISA-95 level 3 applications like the Syncade suite to provide a single recipe, single electronic batch record for faster product release for sale.

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