Often, Emerson finds customers who want to modernize controls simply need help developing a convincing business case.  Whether you need process, system or application experts, Emerson can satisfy any automation requirement.  Our senior consultants work with you to understand business drivers, plant constraints and your automation vision.  The goals are to (1) establish a modernization plan that fits the plants objectives and (2) provide a business case to support the plan.

Improvement Highlights

  • Modernization Studies define measurable plant improvements that can be expected
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) ensures a smooth implementation with minimal rework and enhances safety awareness throughout the project.
  • Industry process experts insure your intellectual property investments transfer from legacy system to new system for equivalent or better process performance.
  • Incorporates the best digital technologies to improve plant competitiveness
  • Are tailored to deliver site/area/process specific benefits during transition to Emerson technologies.
  • Provide a sound business case and financial ROI analysis.
  • Incorporate proven experience of collective industry, process and automation experts.

Additional Information and Documentation