DL8000 Preset Controller

The DL8000 Preset Controller is based on the popular and high performing ROC800- Series remote operations controller. This new design delivers accurate measurement and reliable control, local or remote, via Ethernet or serial (Modbus) communications.

The preset is capable of double-precision math. Computations are made in accordance with Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) standards and utilize double-precision floating point math to minimize meter-to-meter differences, make volume corrections highly precise, and avoid premature roll-over of totalizers. Features include:

  • Flow properties’ calculations based on the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) recommendations for best accuracy and repeatability
  • Measurement and control of injected additives
  • Capable of double-precision math, reducing meter-to-meter differences, and increases time between totalizer rollover
  • Measures temperature, pressure, and density and corrects volume to standard conditions
  • Modern electronics with an excellent reliability history