Fisher® field mounted instruments provide monitoring and control to final control devices. Transducers, controllers, volume boosters, solenoids and switches are used to monitor and control flow, temperature, pressure and level variables in the process industry.

Level Sensors

Fisher Level Sensors, in conjunction with either FIELDVUE DLC3000 Series digital level controllers or 2500 Series controllers and transmitters, are designed to measure changes.

Caged Displacers

Caged sensors provide more stable operation than do cageless sensors for vessels with internal obstructions or considerable internal turbulence.

Fisher® 249, 249B, 249BF, 249C, 249K & 249L

249 caged sensors – CL125 or 250 cast iron cage with screwed or flanged connections
249B caged sensors – CL150, 300, or 600 steel cage with screwed or flanged connections
249BF caged sensors – CL150, 300, or 600 cast steel or stainless steel cage with flanged connections. 249BF sensors are only available from Emerson Process Management in Europe.
249C caged sensors – CL150, 300, or 600 stainless steel cage with screwed or flanged connections
249K caged sensors – CL900 or 1500 steel cage with flanged connections
249L caged sensors – CL2500 steel cage with flanged connections

Cageless Displacers

Cageless sensors are generally used on applications requiring large displacers that are accommodated by large flange connections.

Fisher® 249P, 249BP & 246CP

249P cageless sensors – CL150, 300, 600, 900 or 1500 steel top-mounted sensor (249P CL150, 300, and 600 sensors are only available in Europe
249BP cageless sensors – CL150, 300, 600 steel top-mounted sensor
246CP cageless sensors -= CL150, 300, 600 stainless steel top-mounted sensor

Fisher® 249VS

249VS cageless sensors – mates with cast iron CL125 flat face and CL250 raised face flanges, and CL150, 300, 600, 900, and 1500 raised face steel flanges or CL600, 900, 1500, and 2500 butt weld end process connections

Fisher® 249W

249W  cageless sensors – NPS 3 or 4, CL150, CL300, or CL600 steel cageless sensor

Level Switches

On-off switch that senses high or low liquid levels. A displacer is used as the sensor and is located in an external cage that mounts to the outside of a vessel.

Fisher® 2100

On-off Fisher 2100 pneumatic switch and Fisher 2100E electric switch sense high or low liquid levels.

Level Transmitters

Both digital electronic and pneumatic displacement level controllers are used for accurate level measurement or precision level loop control.

Fisher® FIELDVUE® DLC3000

FIELDVUE DLC3000 digital level controllers are used with level sensors to measure liquid level, the level of interface between two liquids, or liquid specific gravity (density).

Liquid Level Controllers

The pneumatic level controllers sense the level of a liquid or a liquid-to-liquid interface, compare the level with a desired value (set point) and produce a pneumatic signal that can operate an actuator control valve. By operating an actuator and valve, the controller maintains level at a value around set point.

Fisher® 2500

Fisher 2500 pneumatic level controllers are rugged, dependable, and simply constructed pneumatic instruments.

Fisher® L2 and L2sj

Fisher L2 and L2sj rugged liquid level controllers use a displacer type sensor to detect liquid level or the interface of two liquids of different specific gravities.

Fisher® L3

Fisher L3 pneumatic level controller is designed to sense liquid level or interface level in a vessel, and produce a standard pneumatic output signal proportional to the process variable.

Pneumatic Pressure Controllers

Differential Pressure

Differential pressure controllers use either a bellows or a capsular element for sensing two different pressures. The difference between these pressures is then compared to an operator-adjusted set point.

Fisher® 4194

Fisher 4194 Series differential pressure indicating controllers show process differential pressure and set point on an easy-to-read process scale.

Gauge Pressure

Gauge pressure controllers measure the difference between the absolute pressure and the local atmospheric pressure.

Fisher® 4195K

Fisher 4195K Series gauge pressure indicating controllers show process pressure and set point on an easy-to-read process scale.

High-Low Pilot

The Fisher high-low pressure pilot product offering maintains full output when the process is within the set point range. If the process moves outside of this range, the pilot switches to zero output.

Fisher® 4660

Fisher 4660 pneumatic high-low pressure pilot activates safety shutdown systems for flowlines, production vessels, and compressors.

Other Pneumatic Pressure Controllers

Fisher products compare sensed process pressure (or differential pressure) with an operator-adjusted set point, and send a pneumatic signal to an adjacent control element that maintains the process pressure at or near the set point value.

Fisher® C1

Fisher C1 energy responsible controllers and transmitters continue the tradition of durable and dependable Fisher pressure instrumentation while addressing air/gas consumption concerns. The C1 Series is used wherever durable and dependable pressure instrumentation is required. The use of this product in demanding applications, such as those found in chemical process, gas, and oil production industries, demonstrates its versatility. The new patent pending design can reduce steady-state air/gas consumption to as little as 1/10th that of previous products.

Fisher® 4156K & 4166K

Fisher 4156K and 4166K temperature controllers provide rugged and economical solutions to temperature control in many applications, particularly in the chemical and oil production industries. These pneumatic instruments are available for proportional-only, proportional-plus-reset, and differential gap control. They measure process temperature with a gas-filled temperature bulb immersed in the process fluid and compare this temperature to an operator-adjusted set point. The controller then delivers a pneumatic signal to a control element that maintains the process temperature at or near the set point.