Nuclear Industry Technology and Capability

EXPERT PRODUCT AND SERVICE. For over 35 years, Emerson’s Fisher® nuclear group has offered comprehensive service and support to the Nuclear Power Industry, having shipped and supported over 8,000 ASME Section III N-stamped process control valves around the world. Today, Northeast Controls can provide products and services designed to reduce your maintenance and operating costs, while increasing your plant production efficiency. Fisher nuclear-related products and services include:

  • ASME Section III Valves and Spare Parts
  • Safety-Related Parts and accessories to the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B, and 10CFR21
  • Nuclear Service Valve Instruments and Diaphragms
  • AOV/MOV Program Engineering Services
  • Valve Diagnostic Systems and Services
  • I & VS Manufacturing and Outage Services

AOV/MOV ENGINEERING SERVICES. We maintain original order documentation including serial cards, detail drawings, Code design reports, and seismic and qualification reports. Fisher can provide these engineering services for your AOV/MOV evaluation programs:

  • Seismic Analyses
  • Weak Link Analyses
  • SME Code Design Reports
  • Actuator Sizing Evaluations
  • Seat Load Requirements
  • Maintenance Manual Preparation and Upgrades
  • Environmental Qualifications
  • Design Modification Evaluations

SAFETY RELATED PARTS. We have expanded our Q. A. Program to meet a broader spectrum of your safety related needs. Besides our ASME Sect. III (NCA-4000) program, we can supply non-Code, safety related parts to the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B. In all cases, Fisher nuclear industry parts are provided to the requirements of 10CFR21.

COMMERCIAL GRADE DEDICATION. Fisher supplies a broad range of products as “Commercial Grade Dedicated” under our 10CFR50, Appendix B, Q. A. Program, which are provided to the requirements of 10CFR21. This provides the ability to dedicate certain instruments and actuator accessories, such as Regulators, Boosters, Transducers, Positioners, and Filters.

 Fisher Controls Nuclear Service Instruments incorporate the use of EPDM (or EPT) elastomers, including o-rings, gaskets, and EPDM/Nomex TM diaphragms. To meet your 10CFR21 requirements, these are “commercial grade dedicated” under our 10CFR50, Appendix B, Q.A. program. These instruments include the Type 3582NS Positioner, Type 2625NS Booster, and the Type 546NS I/P Transducer (qualified to IEEE 323 and 344).

NUCLEAR SERVICE DIAPHRAGMS. The EPDM/Nomex TM Diaphragm design incorporates the advantage of EPDM elastomers and Nomex TM fabric in forming a very effective diaphragm system, resulting in increased temperature and radiation resistance and longer shelf life. Fisher’s Safety Related Diaphragms provide nitrile/nylon diaphragms, as well as EPDM/Nomex TM diaphragms, to the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B, and 10CFR21. These are available with elastomer batch and fabric lot numbers molded on the back for full material traceability.

 Fisher’s factory and service professionals are ready to support you by supplying control equipment, diagnostic services, engineering services, emergency repair and much more. Put our experience, technology, and reliability to work. Contact your Northeast Controls’ Sales Engineer today to discuss.