Aerodynamic Noise Control

Whisper Trim I Cage

The severe service Whisper Trim® I cage offers proven aerodynamic noise control that is effective for vapor, gas, or steam flow applications.

Typical Application:
Hydrocarbon: Rich Amine Letdown, Vent to Flare, Regeneration Gas Compressor
Power: LP Steam Vent


Whisper Trim I Cage – 92kb – 2/1/05 – Product Bulletin

Whisper Trim III Cage

Severe service Whisper Trim® III cages provide effective attenuation of aerodynamic noise in vapor, gas, or steam applications involving high pressure drops or high pressure drop ratios.

Typical Application:
Hydrocarbon: Compressor Anti-Surge, OverHead Stripper Gas, Vent to Flare, Gas Pipeline Transmission
Power: HP Steam Vent, Turbine Bypass, Sootblower


Whisper Trim III Cage -129kb – 12/1/04 – Product Bulletin

WhisperFlo Valve Trim

Severe Service WhisperFlo® trim represents state of the art solutions for applications that demand ultimate noise attenuation.

Typical Application:

Hydrocarbon: Compressor Anti-surge, Steam Vent, Vent to Flare, Flare Header, Reactor Backpressure
Power: HRH Turbine Bypass, LP Steam to Condenser, MR Compressor, IP Turbine Bypass


WhisperFlo Valve Trim -115kb – 12/1/04 – Product Bulletin

WhisperFlo Vent Diffuser

A severe service WhisperFlo® vent diffuser provides a solution for noise sources such as (1) high noise potential due to low downstream pressure and associated high pressure drop and (2) throttling generated noise as a function of pressure drop.

Typical Application:
Hydrocarbon: Gas to Flare
Power: HP steam vent, LP steam vent, IP/HRH Steam Vent


WhisperFlo Vent Diffuser – 64kb – 12/1/04 – Product Bulletin


Universal Silencers

Universal HV Series vent silencers effectively silence high-velocity air, steam, and gas vents and blowdowns to atmosphere where sonic or critical conditions exist in the valve. Typical applications include: steam boiler relief valves superheater header relief valves boiler startup and purge high-pressure air vents natural gas blowdowns switch valves compressor blowoffs autoclaves steam ejectors. Vent and blowdown silencers are seldom a simple catalog selection. Usually, the purchaser provides detailed specifications and a system description that enables Universal to design a custom solution. An even easier way is to simply send the valve manufacturer’s data sheet for a vent to Universal and the experienced sales staff will recommend a silencer best suited for the application.


Universal Silencers Product Information – 12/9/09 – Web site Product Information

Design V260

The Design V260 is a full bore pipeline control valve designed for optimized pressure and flow control for ANSI 300 and 600 applications. An integral drilled attenuator controls noise and vibration from high-pressure drop liquids and gases. The splined shaft connection to the actuator eliminates lost motion allowing for precise control. The Design V260A with Aerodome attenuator, V260B with Hydrodome, and V260C Ball Control Valves combine the efficiency of a rotary valve with the energy-dissipating capability of a special trim to provide improved performance for demanding capabilities. The valve is available with single, dual or dual block-and-speed seal options. The Design V260 full-bore ball valve is available with composition or metal seals, and process type stem packing for improved life. The preferred actuator for Design V260 is the 1061. The Bettis Scotch Yoke actuator is used when spring return capability is needed.


Design V260 Ball Control Valve – 270kb – 8/1/03 – Product Bulletin

Clean Service

Cavitrol III

Trim Severe service Cavitrol® III trims are used for cavitating liquid applications in various globe valve bodies. Cavitrol III trims are frequently used in pump recirculation and startup systems in the power, process, oil production, chemical refining, and other industries.

Typical Application:
Hydrocarbon: Crude Feed, Seawater Discharge
Power: Boiler Feedwater Startup, Boiler Feedwater Regulator, Condensate Recirculation, Deaerator Level Control, Reheat Spray


Cavitrol III Trim – 208kb – 7/1/05 – Product Bulletin

Cavitrol IV Trim

The severe service Design CAV4 control valve with Cavitrol® IV trim is designed specifically for liquid applications, such as boiler feedwater recirculation, where pressure drops are above 3000 psi and cavitation is a problem.

Typical Application:

Hydrocarbon: Platform Overboard, Sour Water Letdown, Produced Water Pump Recirculation, Produced Water Injection
Power: Boiler Feedwater Startup, Boiler Feedwater Pump Recirculation


Cavitrol IV Trim (Web) – 9/1/05 – Product Bulletin

Multi-Stage Micro Flat Trim

Severe service Multi-Stage Micro-Flat” trim is a plug-characterized design with a series of flats on a common stem to provide staged cavitation control.

Typical Application:
Hydrocarbon: Lean Glycol, Recycle Gas Knockout Drum, Filter Separator, Vacuum Tower Bottoms, Sour Water Level Control
Power: Reheater Attemperator Spray, Steam Drum Blowdown


Micro Trims for Globe and Angle Valve Applications – 274kb – 2/1/05 – Product Bulletin


Design EZ-OVT (Over-Travel Valve)

Severe service Design EZ-OVT valve trim is a patented dual seat valve trim designed to maintain long term tight shutoff in on-off services that contain particulates in the flow stream such as catalyst fines.

Typical Application:
Hydrocarbon: Continuous Catalyst Regeneration


Design EZ-Overtravel (EZ-OVT) Valve Trim (Web) – 11/1/02 – Product Bulletin

Dirty Service

Design NotchFlo DST Trim

Design NotchFlo DST with 3- and 4-stage NotchFlo DST anti-cavitation severe service trim offer control of high pressure drop liquids (up to 2600 psi) while avoiding the damaging effects of cavitation.

Typical Application:
Hydrocarbon: CHPS Sour water letdown, Produced Water Injection, Hot High Pressure Separator Letdown, Cold High Pressure Separator Letdown
Power: Boiler Feedpump Recirculation, Condensate Pump Recirculation


Design NotchFlo DST Trim – 2/1/05 – Product Bulletin

Dirty Service Anti-Cavitation Trim (DST)

Dirty Service Trim (DST) is a multi-stage (2, 3, 4, or 6 stage) anti-cavitation trim used with a variety of control valves. It is used in severe services where the fluid may have entrained particulate that could plug the passages in or cause erosion damage to conventional anti-cavitation trims. DST is frequently used in high pressure drop applications up to 4000 psi in the chemical, refining, oil and gas production, and power industries.

Typical Application:
Hydrocarbon: CHPS Sour Water letdown, Produced Water injection, Hot High pressure separator, Cold high pressure separator, charge pump spillback, transfer pump, pump recirculation, vacuum tower bottoms
Power: Boiler Feedpump Recirculation, Condensate Pump Recirculation


Dirty Service Anti-Cavitation Trim (DST) – 69kb – 4/1/04 – Product Bulletin

High Pressure Control Valves

Design HP/EH

Globe- and angle-style valves for high-pressure steam, hydrocarbon, or general service, including cavitating liquids or noisy gases and vapors. Temperatures to 537ºC and pressures to PN160 (Class 2500) and sizes from DN25 through DN100 DIN and 1 through 20 inches ANSI. ENVIRO-SEAL® and HIGH-SEAL packing systems to help ensure compliance with environmental emissions requirements. FIELDVUE® digital valve controllers.


High-Pressure Control Valves (PDF) – 441kb – 12/1/98 – Product Fliers

Design EH and EHA Control Valves (Web) – 5/1/04 – Product Fliers

HP Series Control Valves (Web) – 2/1/04 – Product Fliers