Instrument Mounting Kits for Valvetop and GO Switch

NAMUR Mounting Kits

The vast majority of rack and pinion valve actuators come with an ISO/NAMUR mounting pattern. This worldwide standard provides a consistent bolt pattern and shaft height regardless of the actuator brand. As a result, there is lessmneed for expensive, custom made mounting kits, making it easier and less expensive to mount topworks accessories.

TopWorx offers several cast aluminum and stainless steel mounting kits that make it easy to attach our products to rack and pinion actuators.

Note: TopWorx Lumitech discrete valve controllers take full advantage of the ISO/NAMUR standard. They are uniquely designed to attach directly to any rack and pinion actuator WITHOUT mounting kits! This eliminates the hassle and expense of purchasing and installing mounting kits – saving time, money, and space.

Custom (Non-NAMUR) Mounting Kits

Rotary valve actuators that do not use the ISO/NAMUR standard, such as scotch-yoke or vane actuators, require custom designed mounting kits to attach topworks accessories.

This can be a complex procedure that should not be overlooked by the end user. Since there are no standards, it is more difficult to ensure the proper fit and function of brackets, and consequently the automated valve system itself.

TopWorx has a team of designers experienced at solving this problem, making it easy to mount our products to scotch-yoke and vane actuators. With an existing library of over 1,200 different designs, there is probably already a design ready for your application.

Note: TopWorx custom mounting kits are always made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, ensuring the proper amount of support in the field.

Linear Valve Mounting Kits

Linear valves, such as control valves, globe valves, knifegate valves, or diaphragm valves, do not conform to any standard mounting patterns. Therefore, custom designed mounting kits are necessary to attach valve position monitors and sensors.

Since TopWorx has been mounting GO Switches onto linear valves and actuators for several decades, there is probably already a design ready for your application – if not, we will create one