Ball Valves – Floating

KTM™ Floating Ball Valves

Series EB7 Unibody Floating Ball Valve
Fire-safe and Anti-Static ASME 150/300 one piece, end entry, flanged ball valve for oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical industries.

Series EF190 & EF190FE Two-piece Full Bore Ball Valves
High performance two-piece ball valve for demanding process and utility applications. FEF 190FE for applications where fugitive emission compliance is mandatory.

Series EB588 & EB598 Ball Valves
3-piece, full bore, floating ball valve, suitable for a wide range of arduous applications where fire-safe design is mandatory.

Series EB538/EB535 & EB548/EB545 Floating Ball Valve
A two piece fire safe and anti-static full bore, screwed/weld end ball valve for the chemical and petroleum industries.

Model OM­2 Split Body
A new generation of ball valves with fugitive emission control and ISO mounting pad.

Model NB/MB Floating Ball Valves
A single KTM 3-way ball valve replaces several 2-way valves, saving valuable space and simplifying piping.

Model Gratite Seat Hi-Temp
KTM Gratite Seat ball valve operates across an impressive range of temperatures, making it ideal for high pressure, anti-corrosion and other key process lines.

KTM™ Virgo Series Ball Valves

Series SS Floating Ball Valve
The KTM Virgo Series SS Floating Ball Valve utilizes a live loaded stem design to ensure additional protection against leakage even at very low pressures. The triple stem seal utilizes a combination of O-rings and packing materials to provide a leak-proof seal and to minimize fugitive emissions. Other features such as double body seals, blowout-proof stem, fire safe design, body cavity pressure relief, and built-in anti-static devices help to maximize the safety of the valve.

KBall™ Ball Valves

Figure 152 Floating Ball Valves
A comprehensive range of ball valves to suit a wide variety of industrial applications. The range includes one, two and three piece ball valve designs with screwed, weld or flanged end connections. 3/4/5-way multi-port designs available. ISO 5211 top mounting plate available, for easy actuation, on selected models. Carbon steel or stainless steel body materials. Reduced and full bore models. Locking device on all models.

Series 180 Floating Ball Valve
R180/R180F Reduced Bore DesignF180/F180F Full Bore Design

Ball Valves – Lined

Neotecha™ Lined Ball Valves

Model SNB/SNC PFA Lined Ball Valves
PFA lined stainless steel ball valve with short face to face and well proven trunnion mounted design for use in pharmaceutical and bio-engineering industries.

Model NTB/NTC PFA Lined Ball Valves
These PFA lined ball valves are used in a wide variety of applications in many industries. PFA lining offers highest corrosion resistance. Bubble tight shut-off: precision machined ball and seats ­guarantees an absolute leak-free valve. Full bore offers high Kv-value equal to the pipe. One-piece ball/stem: no possibility of damaging PFA-lining on ball by the stem, no hysteresis, ideal for flow control applications.

Ball Valves – Severe Service

Fisher™ Severe Service Ball Valves

Z500 Severe Service Ball Valve
The Fisher Z500 severe service ball valve is a simplistic, two-piece floating ball design with an integral metal seat that provides tight shutoff in high temperature, high pressure, and erosive applications. The mate-lapped ball and seat constructions help ensure sealing. The high-velocity oxyfuel coatings (HVOF) provide excellent corrosion resistance and help eliminate the problems associated with severe service conditions.

Ball Valves – Trunnion

KTM™ Trunnion Ball Valves

Series Powder Discharge System

A solution for powder handling applications, suitable for high speed and high frequency polyethylene (PE)/polypropylene (PP) processing applications. Spring loaded seat maintains close contact with ball assuring tight sealing even at low pressure. This results in stable opening and closing torques at high differential pressures over a wide range of temperatures. Scraper design for metal seat mechanically minimizes residual powder between surfaces of ball and seat to maintain seal ability during operation and to maintain smooth open-close action. Powder proof devices around seat areas. The spring area is shielded from contaminants by means of innovative ring to provide a constant and stable seat loading to ensure smooth operation.

Richards Series Figure R741/R743 Pin Trunnion Valve
KTM Richards fire safe and anti-static ASME150/300 reduced bore, one piece, end entry, pin trunnion ball valve for the chemical and petroleum industries.

KTM™ Virgo Series Ball Valves

Series NL Trunnion Ball Valve
The KTM Virgo Series NL Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve features a robust API 6D design that meets or surpasses the most demanding industry specifications. This valve was designed and tested with a reliability focus to keep our customers’ processes operating. The valve has been agency reviewed and is SIL 3 capable, therefore can be utilized in SIS, HIPPS and other critical applications. The Series NL can be supplied in a variety of body and trim configurations to meet most any process condition.

Series FT3 Forged Trunnion Ball Valve
With features like ASME B16.34 compliant body and bolting, built-in internal stops, and standard LF2 forged body construction the KTM Virgo Series FT3 Trunnion Ball Valve is engineered to provide the high reliability our customers are looking for in a valve. This valve is also features an API 6D compliant design that features double piston effect seats that meets the stringent ANSI/FCI 70.2 Class VI leakage requirements with bi-directional shutoff.

Series EL Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve
Designed for inline reparability where quick turnaround may be desirable. The KTM Series EL valve conforms to API 6D, ASME B16.34, API 598 and API 607 specifications making it an excellent choice for critical service environments. Its single piece body is more resistant to pipeline stresses and performs well in transmissions pipelines, pumping stations, compression units, onshore terminals, off shore platforms and many other demanding applications.

FCT Trunnion Ball Valves

Series TM Trunnion Mounted Split Body Ball Valves
Trunnion mounted split body ball valves, double block and bleed function, for oil and gas applications

Model HPA/HRA/DB Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
Trunnion mounted split body ball valves, double block and bleed function, for oil and gas standard and severe applications

Ball Valves – V-Port

KTM™ Ball Valves

Model V­Port Control Ball Valves
A rugged, long-life V-port control ball valve with excellent flow characteristics for various fluids including slurries and fibers. Rotary-valve design provides shearing action between the V-notch ball and the seat, promoting a smooth, non-clogging operation. Straight-through flow design provides high capacity for fluids. Choice of full and reduced port, providing the right flow capacity for every application at low cost.