Vanessa™ Triple Offset Valves

Emerson’s Vanessa triple offset valve was the first of its kind to provide bidirectional zero leakage performance, creating a new industry category using a technology not previously available with other quarter turn valves. There are now over 300,000 Vanessa valves operating around the world.

Series 30,000 (Basic Configuration)

With a robust integral-to-body valve seat and optimized seating angles, this valve is capable of handling isolation and process control through multiple functionalities. Stellite® grade 21 seat overlays provide excellent durability. Resilient metal seal ring ensures perfect seating force distribution around precision-machined seat circumference. Easily replaceable multi-layered duplex and graphite seal rings. Flange spot facing ensures bolting nut and washer planarity, increasing joint reliability and safety.

Series 30,000 (Cryogenic Configuration)

A virtually maintenance-free valve with tightness, operability and torque demand unaffected by cryogenic conditions and severe temperature fluctuations. Non-rubbing 90-degree rotation and metal-to-metal torque seating provide bi-directional zero leakage tightness to ISO 5208, EN 12266-1 and API 598. Forged one-piece Nitronic® 50 metal seal ring ensures high corrosion resistance and keeps important mechanical features at low temperatures. Stellite® grade 21 overlay seats are maintenance-free. Robust and fire-resistant all-metal construction.

Virgo Triple Offset Valves

The design of the Virgo TOV provides a non-rubbing, open/close operation. Unlike conventional butterfly and gate valves, whose seats are chafed with every stroke, the Virgo TOV uses a triple offset design to prevent seat wear. This means superior performance, lower maintenance, and a longer life for your valves. The versatility of the design allows for use in large variety of applications and within a broad range of operating temperatures.