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Micro Motion EtherNet/IP Module for Coriolis Flow Meters
Northeast Controls is pleased to be the authorized Emerson representative to sell this product line for Municipal Water and Wastewater applications, and as part of an overall Integrated Solution for all applications and industries.
Get multivariable outputs and a powerful configuration and maintenance interface in a convenient, easy-to-install package.
This smart module provides fast access to flow, density, temperature and many other parameters.
Micro Motion EtherNet/IP Module for Coriolis Flow Meters


Plastic housing with snap-on connection to DIN rail
Protection class
4.72” × 2.95” × 1.06” L×W×H (120mm × 75mm × 27mm)
Power Supply
Power Consumption
24 V ±10%
Maximum 280 mA on 24 V
100 mA
Connections and Protocol
PLC to EtherNet/IP Module EtherNet/IP
Alert notification Modus RTU (8-bit) over RS-485
Ethernet Config Tool (PC) to EtherNet/IP
Standard Cable (not included) Standard connector (not included)
Standard Cable (not included) Standard connector (not included)
Module Serial Custom cable (included)
Temperature Operating 32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)
Ambient –13°F to +185°F (–25 °C to +85 °C)
Regulatory Compliance
89/336/EEC, amendments 92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC
EN 50082-2 (1993)
EN 55011 (1990) Class A
EN 61000
Galvanic Isolation on Modbus serial interface
EN 60950-1 (2001) Pollution Degree 2
Material Group IIIb 32 °F to 131 °F (0 °C to 55 °C)
250 VRMS or 250 VDC Working voltage
500 V Secondary circuit transient rating


  • Simply and quickly integrate this pre-configured system with typical install times of under 30 minutes
  • Streamline flow meter configuration, management and maintenance with an intuitive web interface?
  • Accelerate process insight with access to multivariable data and system control of flow, density and temperature parameters
  • Easily maintain the system with process monitoring, control and browser-based configuration and administration
  • Use with all Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters, with support for Micro Motion Smart Meter Verification