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IntelliSAW™ ISxx Temperature Sensor
Northeast Controls is pleased to be the authorized Emerson representative to sell this product line for Municipal Water and Wastewater applications, and as part of an overall Integrated Solution for all applications and industries.
IntelliSAW™ Isxx Temperature Sensor
The IntelliSAW temperature sensors are the ideal method for real-time, continuous monitoring of low and medium voltage critical asset hot-spots such as bus bars, breaker contacts, and cables.
Surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology enables a 100% wireless, passive (no power required) continuous temperature monitoring sensor. The SAW sensors were specifically designed for electrical power assets with basic insulation levels (BIL) up to 185kV.
IntelliSAW™ ISxx Temperature Sensor


Temperature Range
-25 °C to +155 °C
30.5 W × 53.5 L × 35.5 mm H
Bolt-mount, Cable Tie, High-Temperature Tape
materials of construction
260 Brass, Tin Plated /Polycarbonate UL94-HB
Compatible Devices
IntelliSAW CAM-5 - Continuous Asset Monitoring HMI, IntelliSAW IRM Reader, IntelliSAW Partial Discharge Air Interface , IntelliSAW Air Interface.


  • 100% passive wireless sensors. No power source is required for the sensors to operate.
  • Designed for electrical power critical asset environments.
  • 20+ year operational life expectancy.
  • Small and simple to fit existing asset structures.
  • Type tested for low and medium voltage applications.
  • Can withstand exposure up to 155 °C without damage
  • Multiple mounting methods for hard to mount locations: Bolt Mount, Cable Ties, High Temperature Bonding Tape
  • Wide operational temperature range from -25 °C to 125 °C
  • No re-calibration needed once installed for life of sensor