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Rosemount™ R306 In-Line Manifold
Northeast Controls is pleased to be the authorized Emerson representative to sell this product line for Municipal Water and Wastewater applications, and as part of an overall Integrated Solution for all applications and industries.
The Rosemount R306 In-Line Manifold assembles directly to in-line gauge or absolute pressure transmitters.
Exclusively featured on the Rosemount R306 and R305 manifolds, the Pressure-Lock™ Valve offers simplified operation, enhanced reliability and increased operator safety. The R306 manifold is available with a 2-valve configuration for instrument isolation and drain/vent capabilities.
Rosemount™ R306 In-Line Manifold


Max. Operating Pressure
10000 psi (689 bar)
Max. Operating Temperature
750°F (399°C)
Manifold Material
316 SST/316L SST
Packing Material
PTFE, Graphite-based
Process Connection
1/2" -14 NPT female
Orientation: Parallel with transmitter
Cleaning for special services, sour gas (meets NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156, MR0103), see full specs for complete list of certifications
Up to 5-year limited warranty


  • Exclusive Pressure-Lock™ Valve technology with two-piece stem design offers enhanced reliability, increased operator safety and simplified operation
  • Assembles directly to in-line pressure transmitters for simple in-process calibration
  • Two-valve configuration for easy process isolation and draining/venting
  • Large internal process bore to resist plugging
  • Female NPT process connection
  • Provides a leak-checked and pressure tested single point solution when factory assembled to Rosemount pressure transmitters