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Rosemount™ 58C Cut-to-Fit Temperature Sensor
Northeast Controls is pleased to be the authorized Emerson representative to sell this product line for Municipal Water and Wastewater applications, and as part of an overall Integrated Solution for all applications and industries.
Engineered as a customizable solution, the Rosemount 58C Cut-to-Fit Temperature Sensor is an industry-standard, platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor.
This sensor offers cut-to-fit capability and may be shortened to any length via a standard tube cutter, which eliminates the need to stock large selections of sensors in specific lengths. For added application flexibility, this adjustable sensor can be installed in a thermowell with either a fixed or adjustable mounting fitting.
Rosemount™ 58C Cut-to-Fit Temperature Sensor


±0.035% maximum ice-point resistance shift following 1,000 hours at maximum specified temperature (200 °C)
Insulation Resistance
500 x10^6 ohms minimum insulation resistance when measured at 50 Vdc at room temperature
Calibration Options
Calibration schedule or customer-specified calibration range, both with Callendar-Van Dusen constants


  • Designed as an industry-standard, platinum RTD sensor for linear and accurate process temperature measurements
  • Cut-to-fit capability allows sensor to be shortened with a standard tube cutter to meet application specifications
  • Available in 12-, 24-, 36-, and 48-in. lengths for application flexibility
  • Customizable design eliminates the need to stock a large selection of sensors in specific lengths for cost-efficiency
  • Variety of connection heads and mounting fittings available to fulfill process requirements