Networx Field Networking Solutions offer a complete portfolio of best-in-class components to connect valves and instruments to a variety of fieldbus protocols. In addition, Networx Support Services help optimize your network by helping with bus network selection, design, implementation, and troubleshooting. The combination of intelligent field devices, digital bus networks, and various open communications protocols is producing extraordinary results at process plants around the world.

Just as our ability to retrieve, share, and analyze data has increased tremendously by use of the Internet and PC network technology in our homes and at our desktops, so has our ability to control and manage our process plants improved. Digital connectivity in process manufacturing plants provides an infrastructure for the flow of real-time data from the process level, making it available throughout our enterprise networks. This data is being used at all levels of the enterprise to provide increased process monitoring and control, inventory and materials planning, advanced diagnostics, maintenance planning, and asset management. These digital networks are generally referred to as a “fieldbus network.”

Today’s advanced and scalable process control systems allow for multiple fieldbus networks to be deployed simultaneously using one engineering tool. This provides for a high degree of flexibility in control options and allows users to install the required devices and bus functionality for a specific control task. Proper selection and deployment of fieldbus networks are providing unprecedented results in process plants worldwide.