Predictive maintenance helps plants avoid unplanned shutdowns and inefficient practices that eat away at profits.

AMS Device Manager helps avoid these unnecessary costs with a universal window into the health of intelligent field devices. It gives your maintenance and operations personnel the ability to work smarter. Based on real-time condition data from your intelligent field devices, plant staff can respond fast and make informed decisions on whether to maintain or replace field devices.

With AMS Device Manager, you can commission and configure instruments and valves, monitor status and alerts, troubleshoot from the control room, perform advanced diagnostics, manage calibration, and automatically document activities with a single application.

AMS Device Manager 10.5 is also available. Current Foundation Support users will receive their upgrade shipment in early 2010. With AMS Device Manager 10.5, you gain:

  • Support for the Smart Wireless THUM Adapter to access stranded HART diagnostics in the field
  • Benefits of human-centered design through Device Dashboards that simplify and add consistency to the user experience
  • Support for DeltaV 10.3 and 9.3 systems
  • Easy interface with the 475 Field Communicator
  • AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application 10.5 with planning, diagnostics, and diagram management enhancements
  • Localized versions for Russian, Japanese, Chinese, French, and German

Features and Benefits

AMS Device Manager reduces commissioning and maintenance expenses while improving plant availability and product quality. In process industries where lost production can cause millions in lost revenue, AMS Device Manager delivers accurate, real-time information to plant personnel.

AMS Device Manager provides powerful predictive diagnostic capabilities, including:

Calculate the Savings

Experience has proven the importance of technology. It has also shown that technology alone will not get the job done. Look beyond technology to the work processes that surround it. Maximize the return from AMS Device Manager by changing work practices.

The AMS Device Manager Work Processes Guide has more details about how savings were calculated.

Calculate savings for your unique situation using the AMS Device Manager savings calculator.

System Interfaces & Licensable Options

Extend your asset management capabilities with these licensable options.

Control System Interfaces

  • DeltaV: AMS Device Manager and DeltaV work together to deliver an integrated operating environment for HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and WirelessHART devices. The DeltaV system passes field device data through the controller to the AMS Device Manager system without the need for extra hardware or wiring.

    AMS Device Manager also works with DeltaV SIS to ensure that your safety instruments will perform effectively when you need them. When using AMS Device Manager in SIS applications, you can extend time between proof tests, improve interlock checkout time, reduce human errors, and automatically capture historical record of actions.

  • Ovation: AMS Device Manager with Ovation provides a seamless interface with the most widely adopted bus standards, allowing you easy access to smart device diagnostics.
  • RS3: AMS Device Manager accesses HART data already available to your RS3 system, passing field data to your AMS Device Manager network.
  • PROVOX: The PROVOX system allows you to access the predictive diagnostics of your intelligent field devices through AMS Device Manager, delivering dependable control solutions for both continuous process and batch industries.

Handheld Communicator Interface
The Handheld Communicator Interface enables you to synchronize HART device configuration information between your AMS Device Manager database and a 375 Field Communicator or 275 HART Communicator. The Handheld Communicator Interface makes maintenance scheduling faster and easier.

HART Multiplexer Interface
The HART Multiplexer Interface allows you to access real-time HART device diagnostics in AMS Device Manager through a multiplexer, while using a legacy or third-party host system.

HART Over PROFIBUS Interface
The HART Over PROFIBUS Interface enables you to use AMS Device Manager with HART devices in an online PROFIBUS environment without the cost of a multiplexer or extra wiring.

High Speed Ethernet (HSE) Interface
The HSE Interface helps you to realize the benefits of FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, even if your current control system does not support fieldbus. Use AMS Device Manager with the Rosemount 3420 Fieldbus Interface Module to configure and diagnose your fieldbus devices from a single application.

Remote Operations Controller (ROC) System Interface
The ROC System Interface gives you the power to extend AMS Device Manager beyond plant walls to remote sites hundreds or thousands of miles away. Connect AMS Device Manager to a ROC network to view, configure, and diagnose remote HART devices.

Router DTM Interface
The Router DTM Interface provides a communications link between AMS Device Manager and your FDT frame application. It allows you to utilize enhanced EDDL capabilities, including a consistent user interface from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Smart Calibrator Interface
AMS Device Manager interfaces with documenting calibrators through the Calibration Assistant SNAP-ON application to manage the calibrations of HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and conventional devices.

Wireless Interface
The Wireless Interface provides easy access to your wireless HART devices via the Smart Wireless Gateway. With the Wireless Interface, you can view predictive diagnostics in devices that were once out of physical or economic reach.

SNAP-ON Applications

Use SNAP-ON applications with AMS Device Manager to gain advanced diagnostic functionality for specialized applications.

The AlertTrack SNAP-ON application gives you visibility to the health of your field devices and documentation of parameter changes. The AlertTrack SNAP-ON application helps you to identify the root cause of a problem so you can correct the issue before the equipment is damaged.

Through the AlertCast feature, you can receive alerts instantly on your mobile devices. Determine where, when, and to whom these alerts are sent and route alerts by severity, plant area, or time stamp.

AMS ValveLink
AMS ValveLink monitors the health of the valve assembly and provides customized diagnostics for advanced troubleshooting. You can detect problems with air leakage, valve assembly friction and deadband, instrument air quality, loose connections, supply pressure restriction, and valve assembly calibration.

When a problem is identified, AMS ValveLink provides a description of the problem and severity indicator, a probable cause, and a recommended action.

AMS Wireless
The AMS Wireless SNAP-ON application gives you more power to manage your wireless networks. You can design and validate your network based on best practices. Once your wireless network is installed, you can graphically view communications paths to easily identify any potential trouble spots.

Access key diagnostic and performance parameters by scrolling over a device and launching directly into AMS Device Manager for additional device details.

Calibration Assistant
The Calibration Assistant SNAP-ON application interfaces with documenting calibrators to manage the calibrations of HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, wireless, and conventional devices. It allows you to easily group your devices into test schemes and calibration routes for maximum efficiency.

You can access the calibration history of devices and generate calibration certificates and reports. The Calibration Assistant SNAP-ON application gives you more accurate calibration data by reducing reporting errors and extending the time between calibrations.

MV Engineering Assistant
The MV Engineering Assistant SNAP-ON application provides faster setup, reduced chances of improperly-configured flow transmitters, and accurate device measurements for HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus Rosemount multivariable transmitters, Mass ProBar, and Mass ProPlate flowmeters.

Meter Verification
The Meter Verification SNAP-ON application gives you the ability to verify and document the performance and overall health of your Micro Motion Coriolis mass flowmeters from the comfort of your control room.

Check and capture device configuration and zero calibration level, as well as sensor structure, electronics, and signal processing for a complete verification of meter performance.

The QuickCheck SNAP-ON application lets you fix the output of multiple devices for system interlock checking. The QuickCheck SNAP-ON application makes it fast and easy to check multiple devices at one time. You can also save the steps to easily run them again in the future. Reports are available to ensure all devices are returned to a ready state.

Third Party SNAP-ON Applications

Emerson also intergrates third party applications. AMS Device Manager supports Emerson’s commitment to openness and intergration of your plant assets. Supported applications include:

  • Masoneilan’s ValVue
  • Smar’s Valid
  • Flowserve’s ValveAnalysis

Documentation and Manuals

Installation Guides

Books Online

Device List (v10.x)


Work Processes Guide

Exida Report – (TUV requirements)