Advanced Cross-Channel Analysis

Standard data collection serves as an excellent base for identifying developing machinery faults, but cross-channel analysis is often required to identify the root cause of the fault. Expand the vibration analysis application of the CSI 2130 with the crosschannel module to determine the actual movement of the shaft during operation and to identify structural faults such as cracks and resonances. While the dual-channel CSI 2130 can display orbits for turbomachinery analysis, the optional Advanced Cross-Channel application expands these capabilities to include impact testing and other types of cross-channel analysis.

As a further enhancement, the ODS/Modal application (Operational Deflection Shapes) makes structural analysis simple by automatically configuring the required series of cross-channel tests. Cross-channel data can also be analyzed in the VibPro module of AMS Machinery Manager, or exported to specialized ODS/Modal analysis software.