Uncover the root cause of lost performance. 

What if you could increase revenue just by tweaking your current assets? Before spending one more dollar on any capital investments, consider the benefits of Emerson’s Electrical Engineering Services. Engineering studies can find the root cause of lost performance and uncover the profit in your existing assets.

Engineering studies verify system protection, fault ratings of electrical equipment, and the overall reliability of your system. Emerson’s power system study engineers use advanced technology to analyze the needs of your power system and facility to provide you with critical information to make informed decisions.

Learn more about Emerson’s Electrical Engineering Services to improve your plant’s performance.

Arc Flash Studies 
Arc flash analysis identifies the presence and location of potential hazards and provides recommendations for PPE, boundaries for limited, restricted and prohibited approaches, flash protection and safe work practices.

Grounding Studies 
Grounding Studies evaluates the effectiveness of the grounding system to ensure safety of equipment and people from overvoltages, faults and lightning.

Harmonic Analysis 
Harmonic analysis is part of a power quality study to identify the source of harmonics and develop a plan for corrective action.

Load Flow Studies 
Load flow studies evaluates the power system to ensure it is adequately designed to satisfy your performance criteria. A properly designed system helps contain capital investment and future operating costs.

Power Factor Studies 
Power factor correction studies are performed to improve the existing power factor in the plant.

Power Quality Studies 
Get to the root of power quality problems by examining harmonics, load flow and power factors to understand the source of the disturbances and develop solutions to reduce system loading.

Power System Reliability Studies 
Emerson’s electrical service team Power System Reliability Study provides information necessary to upgrade/maintain the power delivery system. The results focus on reducing operating costs, improving efficiency and increasing reliability.

Relay Design & Integration 
Relay Design and Integration can provide upgrades and replacement of your aging protection based relays with digital relays that deliver improved protection, reliability, efficiency, and overall system performance.

Short Circuit / Coordination Studies 
Short Circuit/Coordination studies evaluate the magnitude of currents flowing through the power system to recommend ratings/device settings to ensure minimum service interruption under overload and short circuit conditions.

Single-Line Diagram Development 
Develop, review, or update your Single-Line Diagram to ensure your compliance with NFPA and provide a vital roadmap for all future testing, service and maintenance activities.