Fisher Certified Services – Certified quality whenever you need us 

You selected Fisher control valves because of your plant’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and quality. When maintained to OEM standards, these Fisher valves will help you keep your processes safe, productivity high, and costs low throughout the life cycle of your plant.

When it’s time to repair or maintain your valves, depend on Fisher Certified Services from Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services technicians. As the only service provider who can guarantee a return to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, we’ll help you sustain the value of your initial investment. You invested in the best – be sure to service your valves with the best.

Certified Technicians, Technology Expertise 

Our technicians deliver maintenance and repair services that follow the same exacting standards and processes used for Fisher valves. That’s because only Emerson technicians are authorized by the manufacturer to provide field service, diagnostics, and repair on Fisher technology. Our experts can help meet your legal, regulatory, and safety requirements. Fisher Certified Services is your guarantee of OEM specifications for your valves.

Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services technicians are the exclusive service providers for Fisher Certified Services. Our experts receive the factory-authorized training, tools, technology, and experience required to keep your valves performing at their best. No one knows Fisher control valves better, so no one can help you meet your bottom line goals more effectively.

Have High Standards? Get Certified Service

Maintaining OEM specifications is a requirement at many plants and a goal everywhere. Although many third-party service organizations work on Fisher technology, their technicians are not factory-certified. This means they lack access to the manufacturer’s procedures, updates, and proprietary processes; leaving your FM and CSA marks invalid after repair.

Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services technicians have the in-depth factory training, safety awareness refreshers, and hands-on experience necessary to take care of your valves. We leverage the manufacturer’s technology and expertise like no other provider to ensure that your FM and CSA marks remain valid. The service you get is Fisher Certified.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safeguarding your investment in the best valves
  • Reducing your risk by using only Fisher Certified technicians
  • Getting the most of your valves because only Instrument & Valve Services has proprietary information from Fisher, ensuring that your instruments retain OEM certification
  • Only the best training and tools for Instrument & Valve Service technicians ensure high quality work.

When your valves need maintenance, Fisher Certified repair and service is the only way to ensure that they are returned to OEM standards. Please contact your local Northeast Controls Sales Engineer with your needs.