Northeast Controls and Emerson have the expertise and experience to handle your instruments and control valve maintenance and repair, regardless of your industry. 

The way you manage your key production assets – including the instruments and valves in your process – directly affects your facility’s availability and profitability. The health and performance of your assets can determine your success. Our unique approach to Asset Optimization will help you reach your business goals.

With an extensive network of service centers in Upstate New York, Western Massachusetts, New England, and North America, Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services experts give you experienced professionals where you need them, when you need them. We’ll help you build reliability programs to help your plant achieve maximum capacity and minimal risk of downtime.

Wherever you are in your plant’s life cycle – startup, maximizing operation turnaround/ outage, or life extension – healthy assets are the way to a healthier bottom line. With Northeast Controls and Emerson as your partner, you’ll be on the path to realize the true potential of your instruments and valves.

Plant Life Cycle Support

Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services technicians have the in-depth factory training, safety awareness refreshers, and hands-on experience necessary to take care of your all of your support needs.

Fisher Certified Services – Certified quality whenever you need us

You selected Fisher control valves because of your plant’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and quality.

Field Communicator Services

Our Instrument and Valve Services technicians are the only factory-authorized service provider for the 275 HART Communicator and the 375 Field Communicator.

If your service isn’t Rosemount Certified, neither is your equipment.

As the world’s most advanced measurement instruments, Rosemount devices work hard every day to help you maximize your processes for optimal efficiency and safety.