Northeast Controls and Emerson Process Management can provide qualified, experienced, and fully trained machinery analysts to perform requested deliverables. This service assures quick response to Machinery Health issues that require urgent attention. The service professional will provide immediate short-term assistance with specific problems as requested. A written summary of accomplishments will be delivered after the service is performed.


  • Meet with key personnel and management
  • Identify specific problems / issues
  • Providing specific corrective actions
  • Exit interview to report any preliminary recommendations
  • Submitting a report within five (5) working days following completion of data acquisition / analysis

You need an expert to solve a problem. Northeast Controls and Emerson Process Management have the resources and expertise you need to address many of these types of issues:

Advanced Vibration and Engineering Analysis 

Modal Analysis – Impact Testing – Unusual machinery problems

Dynamic Balancing 
Dynamic balancing of plant machinery extends bearing life and eliminates many unnecessary outages.

Laser Alignment 
Proper machinery alignment is an essential element of a Machinery Health Management Program.

Machinery Inspections and Analysis 
Vibration Analysis – Oil Analysis – Ultrasonic Scans – Infrared Thermography Scans – Motor Analysis

Turbomachinery Analysis Services 
Turbine startup – Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation / Calibration – API 670 Protection System Upgrades