“To optimize your System and Alert strategy”

The key to continuous performance improvement is to get accurate, actionable information to the right person in time to make an informed decision. Emerson’s PlantWeb architecture provides the infrastructure to do just that. Add the expertise of our PlantWeb Services experts and you can be assured that you are taking the steps to become a best-cost-producer. We’ll prioritize your assets and configure PlantWeb diagnostics, helping you define best maintenance practices. We’ll not only install and configure PlantWeb in your facility; we’ll also redesign your work process to ensure that PlantWeb is being fully utilized for maximum results.  We’ll look at your organization and work flow to optimize your people resources.

Our experts will prioritize your assets and configure PlantWeb diagnostics, delivering the information you need to make informed decisions. We’ll also evaluate your work processes and determine changes that will promote a planned maintenance environment. Work processes that follow a predictive maintenance approach will optimize both maintenance work and process availability.

Emerson will train your people on how to use PlantWeb predictive technologies. And we’ll show you how to incrementally increase plant performance even further through the strategic addition of other PlantWeb technologies.

The Implement step will:

  • Validate device tags/name plate
  • Establish program goals and Key Performance Indicators
  • Evaluate work flow processes
  • Validate asset priority
  • Establish written work procedures
  • Optimize alerts
  • Review new maintenance tasks and attach procedures to CMMS
  • Deliver a project report and plan the path forward