Precision is critical. If your valves and instruments aren’t performing to industry and factory specifications, your process isn’t at its peak performance. Your profits could decrease; you could be fined for failing to meet regulatory standards; and worst of all, your employees could be at risk for injury. You want to keep your equipment operating at optimal levels. But what approach is best for your plant’s life cycle? Run until failure or overhaul periodically? Both are expensive. What if you could put your maintenance dollars into the instruments and valves that actually need repair – and identify them before they fail?

Now you can, by taking advantage of the experience of Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services. Our skilled, certified field technicians employ their experience and advanced diagnostic tools to offer you reliable results. We carefully analyze your control valves and instruments to determine the most appropriate service. If a valve only needs adjustments or calibration, we handle it “on the spot,” providing you with an as-found/as-left diagnostic report. Or we can determine the exact parts your devices will require before an outage, saving you the time and money involved with ordering unnecessary equipment. When it comes to the health of your plant, leverage the power of predictive maintenance and diagnostic services.

Features & Benefits

  • Safeguarding your investment in the best instrumentation
  • Getting the most of your instrumentation because only Instrument & Valve Services has proprietary Emerson information, ensuring that your instruments retain OEM certification
  • Only the best training and tools for Instrument & Valve Service techncians ensure high quality work.


Plan Development and Implementation

  • Identify maintenance priorities, taking into account criticality and failure modes
  • Develop plan detailing what devices need upgrading or replacing and implement

Control Valve Diagnostic Services

  • Use Emerson tools to run diagnostic test on valves, identifying those that need service

Instrument Diagnostic Services

  • Utilize AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager to identify errors and train staff on the proper response

Field Communicator Services

  • Keep field communicator up to date with the latest device descriptors (DDs)
  • Update on a quarterly, semi-annually, annual, or on-demand basis

Reporting and Feedback

  • A clear, prioritized plan with recommended actions will be produced just for your plant
  • All performance and analytic data will be stored in your database to ensure accurate and verifiable calibrations in the future