You deserve the maximum value from your Smart Wireless devices and networks. So choose Emerson’s Instrument & Valve Services’ SmartStart Service for correct layout, installation, and commissioning of your Smart Wireless devices and networks.

AMS Wireless SNAP-ON™. This layout assistance will ensure connectivity to your whole network to guarantee gathering the best data from your wireless devices.

Once the layout of the network is complete, our factory trained techncians will assist in the configuration, calibration, and commissioning of the instruments. They will guarantee that all transmitters are communicating properly with the Smart Wireless Gateway on a consistent basis. The Smart Wireless Gateway will be completely set up with the right information for seamless integration with your host system.

When you order SmartStart wireless startup services with your wireless products, you are guaranteed a painless startup, and a completely functioning network out of the box!

Features & Benefits

  • A robust network out of the box
  • Properly configured and calibration instrumentation
  • Full communication between instruments and the Smart Wireless Gateway
  • Seamless integration to your host system
  • A completely functioning network with no hassles


SmartStart Wireless startup and commissioning services include:

Installation Verification and Commissioning

  • Verify proper mechanical installation
  • Assign network addresses
  • Check configuration, perform diagnostic tests, and verify communications

On-the-Job Training

  • Provide basic understanding of wireless industrial network fundamentals
  • Demonstrate essential installation, operation, and troubleshooting guidelines
  • Enable maintenance staff to diagnose and resolve common problems

Follow-Up Contact

  • Verify network and device performance
  • Assist in arranging additional service needed