Unexpected equipment failures cost you time and money to repair, and add risk to otherwise safe operations. Even little problems can become big ones if left undetected. Yet the desire to add automation technologies to detect these issues early has often been met with physical, technical or economic barriers…until now.

Adding Smart Wireless monitoring points easily and cost-effectively helps extend the life of your assets and reduce asset failure. And without wires, you can go into areas where you couldn’t go before…for a lot less. The application possibilities are limitless, including:

  • Monitoring safety relief valve emissions for more effective regulatory compliance
  • Wireless vibration sensors for real-time view of rotating equipment health
  • Automate status checking of previously unmonitored equipment such as on/off valves
  • Monitor temperature drops in remote pumping stations to prevent pump failure
  • Measure bearing temperature on motors to enable proactive maintenance programs
  • Tube skin temperature monitoring on fired heaters

Surely you can imagine more opportunities for wireless in your facility. But often new technologies bring with them a new set of issues, right? Not with Emerson Smart Wireless…

  • Low Installation Cost

    Up to 90% savings in installation cost per measurement.

  • Easy Installation

    Smart Wireless field network devices are easy and painless to install, you can go from box to fully commissioned in minutes

  • No site surveys

    Emerson’s field network devices are self-organizing, so there’s no need for a site survey no matter how dense or obstructed the area may be.

  • Start Anywhere

    The Smart Wireless approach gives you the freedom to choose your path. You can have as much or as little as you want, where you want.

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Smart Wireless Field Starter Kit

Getting started is easy. Emerson’s Smart Wireless Field Starter kit is a risk-free, easy way to begin learning how wireless Can work in your facility.  Learn More>>