Wireless applications such as personnel and asset tracking, as well as wireless video surveillance for security and safety, have changed the way offices, hospitals, warehouses and retail stores operate. Now they can deliver business and plant-management benefits in process operations, too.

Video surveillance is becoming an indispensible part of process plant safety, security and operations. Using wireless technology, mission-critical video feeds can now be delivered to the control room, office buildings and other areas in the plant in a highly flexible way that is not possible with a wired solution.

Emerson’s Smart Wireless Video Solution provides a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy approach for process plant security surveillance and operation monitoring, using high data throughput Cisco Mesh WiFi technology to transfer video data. The system can be deployed much faster than traditional video, with reduced deployment complexity and cost.

Wireless closed-circuit television cameras and RFID-equipped access badges also enable intelligent security monitoring and control — from restricting access to specific areas based on levels of security, to tracking attempts to violate security protocols, to helping security managers identify potential vulnerabilities and improve systems. Wireless applications can also enable you to monitor hazardous applications in order to reduce risk to plant personnel.

And wireless location technologies allow you to quickly find and track inventory and valuable assets – even workers — moving inside and outside the plant. Time spent looking for assets can be dramatically reduced, which can have significant benefits during major turnarounds, emergencies, and new construction projects. Being able to quickly locate each worker also offers safety and productivity benefits.

Possible applications include:

  • Plant Surveillance to monitor fence lines, entrances, or remote tank farm areas
  • Safely monitor workers in hazardous locations
  • Monitor flare and smoke stacks
  • Monitor safety areas like mustering stations & safety showers
  • Monitor loading terminals

Smart Wireless Applications (PDF)

Getting started is easy. Emerson’s Smart Wireless Field Starter kit is a risk-free, easy way to begin learning how wireless Can work in your facility.  Learn More>>