Smart Wireless Solutions for Field Network Applications 
This comprehensive brochure highlights the depth of Emerson’s expertise and breadth of offering for wireless solutions in the field. It’s full of use cases and actual applications where Smart Wireless has delivered customer value.

‘Wireless Now – Think Beyond the Wire’ (Issue #1)
A 16-page supplement discusses how to apply wireless – includes customer applications and easy-to-understand benefits.

‘Wireless Now – How Wireless Speeds Innovation at BP’ (Issue #2) 
This 16-page supplement explains how Emerson Smart Wireless is enabling BP to speed innovation, as well as practical information on how to get started.

‘Wireless Now – Who Says You Can’t Take It With You?’ (Issue #3)
This 16-page supplement explains how Emerson Smart Wireless solution for Plant-wide operations can unleash a new era of worker productivity. It also contains articles on wireless in capital projects, and proven wireless applications from multiple industries.

Putting Wireless to Work in Process Operations

Control with WirelessHART

System Redundancy with WirelessHART

Peer-to-Peer Communication with WirelessHART

Why WirelessHART? The Right Standard at the Right Time

WirelessHART Technical Data Sheet

Can multiple wireless technologies (like field and plant networks) coexist without harmful interference? 

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