Wireless Field Networks have specific requirements which are different from those of a Plant Network. Field Networks are focused on process applications like measurement or sensing, process control and diagnostics. Requirements include:

Process Applications – sensing, condition monitoring, control and diagnostics
Bandwidth – Short, high priority communications
Security/Reliability – must coexist and perform in dynamic, harsh plant environment
Power Management – Intrinsically safe power solutions optimized for user & process safety lasting at least 5 years
Standards – WirelessHART (802.15.4) is driven by Process community

WirelessHART devices use small amounts of bandwidth enabling high priority communications. Security and reliability are very important for these solutions as well and have been engineered into the WirelessHART standard utilizing proven industry standards. However, one of the most important requirements that characterize field networks is the extremely low power requirement. Emerson has invested in SmartPower innovations enabling extremely power efficient devices with unequaled safety and ease of use. These devices are powered by an intrinsically safe Power Module that lasts for 5 to 10 years. These SmartPower enabled devices use 10 times less power that other wireless networking solutions that consider themselves “low power”.

At the heart of Emerson’s Smart Wireless approach is the Self-Organizing network, based on the WirelessHART standard. Secure, robust, infinitely configurable, with data reliability of greater than 99%, Emerson’s self-organizing network ensures an interoperable, adaptive, flexible approach to wireless that defies the “canyons of metal” which define most plants.

Unlike traditional approaches to in-plant wireless in which the older technology required direct line-of-sight between the instrument and the communications gateway, Emerson’s Smart Wireless approach ensures the greatest network integrity by allowing devices to communicate with each other. This means there is no single point of failure, every device serves as a network connector.

Smart Wireless Applications (PDF)

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