Wireless Field Network Services

While our wireless field network architecture and applications do not require a site survey, and are designed for ease of engineering, installation, and use, we also offer a broad range of services to help you get up and running quickly – and make the most of wireless technology. Our wireless experts ensure that your business needs are met and help you decide and implement the best combination of wired and wireless technologies and products to meet your goals.

Emerson also offers SmartStart™ Services, which include on-the-job training in network fundamentals, basic operation and troubleshooting. Our skilled technicians will provide training on how to use the equipment correctly, perform routine maintenance, and diagnose and resolve any potential issues.

With a vast experience in wireless technologies, our factory trained technicians can assist you with the layout of your WirelessHART network using AMS Wireless SNAP-ON™, ensuring connectivity to your whole network to guarantee gathering the best data from your wireless devices. Our technicians will verify the Wireless Gateway is properly mounted, configured, and performing at its best. They will assign network addresses and verify the devices’ readability at the interface or router, making integration into your control system or PLC a simple one-step process. In addition, our technicians will provide a complete assessment of the transmitters, to include:

  • Checking the process connections to the transmitters to ensure accurate mechanical installation
  • Determining configuration and health
  • Confirming WirelessHART connections
  • Performing a communication check

Wireless Plant Networks Services

System integration services are critical to the success of a Wireless Plant Network system. Emerson offers a comprehensive services portfolio to help customers design and deploy a Wireless Plant Network.

Site Survey 
Emerson engineers visit the customer site to conduct an RF study, determine access point locations, and collect other on-site Information

System architecture design
Based on the site survey result and the customer’s business requirements, engineers design the overall system architecture including the network infrastructure and the applications.

Physical network installation management and system commissioning 
Install and configure network components. Commission the entire network.

Application implementation 

According to the business requirements, engineers design and implement the applications into the solution.

Emerson will work with the customer to specify a training curriculum that meets the customer’s specific needs.

Smart Wireless Solutions – After Project Support 
Emerson provides After Project Expert Technical Support and critical On-site Services to help maintain uptime, performance and deliver a better return on your Wireless Plant Network investment. Emerson’s Smart Wireless Plant Network Solution for After Project Support is designed to help our customers maximize the availability of the Smart Wireless Plant Network, keep applications running at peak performance, ensure Wireless Plant Network Security and deliver lower maintenance cost. As a part of the total SureService solution Emerson’s Smart Wireless Plant Network support allows our customers to select the right service for the right time considering process criticality and the customer’s level of resources and interests. Emerson’s After Project Support for Smart Wireless will include:

  • Expert Technical Support
  • On-Site Emergency Service
  • Preventive and Reliability Maintenance
  • Spares Support Program
  • Application Enrichment

For additional information, on After Project Support for Wireless Plant Network services, contact your Northeast Controls Sales Engineer.