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About Us
Northeast Controls provides high performance automation solutions, industry expertise, lifecycle support, and technical training to help our customers achieve top quartile performance.

Our breadth of industry-leading product technology, automation solutions and services are used in all of the Process Industries, including Original Equipment Manufacturers, as well as in the Institutional/HVAC and Municipal markets.

The application and product expertise your Northeast Controls team provides helps enable continued investments in your facilities through capital projects, process improvements and expansions, as well as cost-effective ongoing maintenance and repairs.  We do this by working closely with your staff on process automation improvements and fully integrated solutions to further enhance your process operations in an efficient, responsible and safe manner. 

Northeast Controls’ Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we take great pride in the quality of our people, processes, technology, and services that we have developed and refined over several decades. With employees living and working in local communities across our served territory, Northeast Controls is dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences.


About Us

Partnership with Emerson

In August of 2018, Emerson certified Northeast Controls as an Emerson Impact Partner - representing the company’s highest level of customer support. Each of the 21 Emerson Impact Partner Network companies across North America operate as locally-accessible, singular points of contact for leveraging the full breadth of Emerson integrated solutions and expertise.

About Us

Certification Process

Northeast Controls and the other Emerson Impact Partner companies were awarded this status through a rigorous certification process of our facilities, procedures, engineers and local service professionals, as well as a demonstrated ability to support customer process optimization and performance improvement programs. Each Impact Partner was assessed in more than 50 certification paths to verify capabilities and compliance to Emerson's standards.

Competitive Advantage

Distinct from traditional manufacturer-to-third-party representative and distributor relationships, Emerson Impact Partners have a tightly integrated culture with Emerson and each other. This ensures consistent consulting, engineering and services practices across the Network and provides customers with the broadest, most responsive support organization in the industry.

Northeast Controls’ unique partnership with Emerson and membership in the Emerson Impact Partner network enables us to access and harness the full power and breadth of Emerson world-class technology, technical industry expertise, and full lifecycle services with highly skilled resources to architect and implement solutions that positively impact our customers' operations and overall business results. As a member of the Emerson Impact Partner Network, we combine our local capabilities with Emerson’s global reach and scale, enabling customers to achieve Top Quartile performance by providing control, reliability, safety, and optimization solutions that are unmatched.

As a factory-certified Emerson Impact Partner, Northeast Controls is your local, single point of contact for sales, service and applied engineering for Emerson’s Automation Solutions business.

About Us

Northeast Controls' Company Mission is to create long term value for our customers, shareholders, and employees through a passionate commitment to excellence and a disciplined quality management process, which together drive a sustained competitive advantage in today’s dynamic global market.

As your local and trusted automation partner, Northeast Controls brings together technology and engineering to create innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers in a world of action. We achieve success by applying industry-leading technology and engineering to satisfy our customers’ most demanding process control and automation requirements and delivering improved performance with measurable results.

At Northeast Controls, our Supply Chain is essential to helping us solve customer challenges and stay ahead of their needs. As our Supply Chain as expanded and broadened over the years, we've focused our efforts on picking the right suppliers - like Emerson - that share our values and principles - to help us deliver the best solutions in the right way.

We hold our Suppliers to high standards and expect them to align with our stances on social responsibility and ethics, to act with integrity and treat people and the environment with respect, as well as stay current with technology to deliver the best solutions to our customers. These expectations help us maintain and build a strong supplier network that stays true to our Core Values.

Our Supply Chain approach enables us to move at the speed of our customers' needs, while always maintaining the highest levels of quality, backed by unwavering integrity and responsibility. This ensures a strong and flexible Supply Chain positioned to sustain us and our customers for the long haul.

David J. Rizzo has served as Northeast Controls President and Chief Executive Officer since January 2008. An Upstate New York native, David is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, a veteran Army officer, and has worked in various sales and executive leadership roles with Northeast Controls since 1996. David has also served as Chairman of the Emerson Impact Partner Committee and Board of Directors for the Strategic Growth Partners, consisting of the 21 North American Emerson Impact Partners for Emerson Automation Solutions.

Northeast Controls’ Executive Management team currently averages 27 years of service and leadership experience with our company and also includes: Dan Shea, Vice President; Sue Johnson, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer; David Pellington, Services Manager; and Dan Barkevich, Inside Sales Manager. Our leadership team maintains a deep dedication to our employees, a sharp focus on quality and safety, and the drive to deliver a premier customer experience. Our employees take great pride in finding and developing solutions to the toughest process challenges that our customers are facing today.

We invite you to review our website, and learn more about the innovative technology, automation systems, project and lifecycle services, and total solutions that Northeast Controls can deliver to help drive improvements for your business. Our team at Northeast Controls looks forward to working with you now, and into the future, to further aid in your business growth through our local application expertise, new initiatives such as digital transformation, and our continued partnership together.

Thank you again for your trust and your business.

Before Northeast Controls

While fighting a disastrous fire in Marshalltown, Iowa, a young water works engineer was forced to manually adjust and hand-throttle the city's steam-driven pumps for 24 consecutive hours and throughout the night to help extinguish the blaze. That engineer was William Fisher, and the year was 1876. Exhausted from that experience, he decided there must be a better way to maintain constant water pressure as downstream conditions changed during times of heavy use. And there was a better way - thanks to this young engineer's inventive mind - it was called the Type 1 Constant Pressure Pump Governor.

Joining with a town machinist, Fisher pooled $600 to buy a manufacturing building and the first pump governors were in production in 1880. In order to keep the company afloat, Fisher also repaired machines and sold bicycles and Kodak cameras. In fact, William Fisher was an exclusive sales representative for Eastman Kodak cameras and supplies in 1898. The company scraped together $30,000 by 1888 and was incorporated as the Fisher Governor Company. Fisher spread the word of his new invention through his membership in the power plant engineering association and, soon enough, word of mouth kicked in. Company sales reached $44,000 by 1905. Only two years later, Fisher's invention was laboring away in power plants throughout the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

As demand for the product increased, so did the need for variations of the pump. A vertical-type reducing valve became the first of a series of controls that were added to the Type 1. Not long afterward, lever valves, exhaust relief valves, back pressure valves, and steam trap valves were added. The first sales representative agency for the Fisher Governor Company was established in 1913, and Jasper Fisher (William’s son) traveled the U.S. himself as the company launched its first nationwide advertising campaign. As World War I unfolded, the demand for Fisher's products in various industries rose dramatically, particularly in the petroleum industry. The company soon employed 60 workers. By the end of World War I, Fisher was on solid financial ground and had also developed new technologies and products.

Fisher enjoyed substantial profits from the growth in the steel, petroleum, power, and gas industries in the early 1920s. The company's automated valves were indispensable in each of these burgeoning industries, and Fisher grew with them. Although the company had enjoyed growth spurts earlier in its history, nothing in its past matched the surge of growth experienced by the company during World War II. The appetite for the company's automatic control valve equipment was huge, as valves were used in the production of ships, planes, tanks, and guns. Fisher also supplied valves that were used in the manufacturing of life-saving drugs, as well as valves used in oil refineries, gas production, and chemical and synthetic rubber manufacturing. Despite a shortage of materials and men, the company built new plants and machines and operated 24 hours a day to meet demand.

By the late 1950s, Fisher's expansion was swift. The company moved into a new office building designed to house its research, engineering, sales, and administrative departments. Process industries, like so many other industries at that time, were being revolutionized by electronics. Fisher, which was determined to flow with the changes, established electronic design and assembly departments. Assemblers acquired a new technical language and tool skills in these departments, and soon they were generating such new products as electronic level controllers and transducers. This emphasis on new products and technologies remained throughout the 1960s. Overseas growth continued at the same time. Fisher entered into a new licensing agreement to manufacture in Japan in 1960. The following year, Fisher opened a temporary factory in Monterrey, Mexico, until a permanent plant was opened near Mexico City in 1965. In order to be closer to its LP-gas customers, the gas regulator division of Fisher moved to Texas that same year. Manufacturing capacity continued to grow in 1967, when Fisher enlarged two more plants and opened a new eight-acre facility in Marshalltown, Iowa, birthplace of the founder's inspiration.

Northeast Controls’ - beginning and now

Northeast Controls was originally established by Daniel Dinzik. Previously, Dan had worked as an aspiring sales engineer for Control Associates, the sales representative for the Fisher Governor Company in New York city that was first established in 1933 as King & Shepherd, and later named the Malcolm W. Black Company. In 1966, the company name was changed to Control Associates, and in 1967 it sold the Upstate NY territory to Dan. Dan soon set up a sales and operations office in the Albany, NY, area and incorporated Northeast Controls on August 14th, 1967, as the exclusive representative for the Fisher Governor Company in Eastern NY, Western MA, and Southern VT.

A few years later, in 1969, Fisher merged with Monsanto Company, the country’s fourth largest chemical company at the time. As a result, in addition to valves, Fisher also began manufacturing a line of electronic instrumentation that Monsanto had developed. Fisher’s name, to reflect its own diversification, was changed to Fisher Controls Company. Electronic instrumentation was a key Fisher theme during the 1970’s, as the line of analog instrumentation developed by Monsanto for process control was the precursor to the PROVOX distributed control system (DCS) which Fisher introduced in 1980. 

Northeast Controls’ representation of Fisher Controls, its strong reputation for process control expertise, and local customer service support in Upstate New York contributed to the company’s continued growth and success throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. In 1985, Dan Dinzik retired and Michael J. Peters purchased control of Northeast Controls. Prior to coming to Northeast Controls, Mike had spent several years working for Fisher Controls in various roles in their Power Group, as well as in Systems sales. In 1987, Northeast Controls acquired the territorial responsibility of Process Management Inc. of Buffalo, New York, extending our company’s geographic coverage to include all of Western New York State. 

In 1992, Monsanto, which had decided to focus its core operations on agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food ingredients, sold Fisher to Emerson Electric Company. Emerson produced electrical, electronic and other products for consumer, commercial and industrial markets. The purchase made Emerson the largest provider of process control equipment. Emerson orchestrated the blending of Fisher's strengths with those of Rosemount Incorporated, a much younger company with innovative products used in the aeronautics and space industries, as well as control and instrumentation product lines and temperature and pressure transmitters.

The Fisher-Rosemount family of companies dominated the global market of process management in the early 1990s, offering the widest line of process automation products, including process management systems, control valves, regulators, transmitters, and analyzers. The combined company had operations--including sales, service and manufacturing--in more than 80 countries and served a range of process industries in such diverse areas as chemical processing, plastics, glass, refining, oil and gas production, natural gas distribution, power, pulp and paper, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and metals and mining. In 2001, the Fisher-Rosemount name was changed to Emerson Process Management, and subsequently to Emerson Automation Solutions. 

In January 2008, David J. Rizzo purchased Northeast Controls and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Under David’s leadership, the company continues to grow and expand its customer base with strategic investments made in the areas of sales, engineering and field services, capital investments in buildings and operations infrastructure, additional industry-leading product lines, on-site and depot repair capabilities, as well as locally-held inventory in excess of $5M to help support our customers’ delivery needs. 

Core Values

Customer Focus

We actively listen to our customers to deeply understand their needs and deliver unique solutions and services that ensure their success.


We strive for successful integration of our quality management system by all employees into our business practices guided by metrics, feedback and risk based thinking, to ensure product conformity, customer satisfaction, and strategic growth.


We are committed to the highest standards of safety for ourselves and our customers by actively participating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Work Ethic

We are dedicated, tenacious, hard-working, and also responsive to meeting customer needs quickly and accurately.


A personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results – to See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It.


We passionately pursue new technologies, capabilities, applications, and approaches to drive tangible value to the benefit of our customers.


We work seamlessly across departments, business units, and functions, and with our other Emerson Impact Partners, Emerson Measurement and Flow Sales, and Emerson Business Units to fully leverage our unmatched breadth and expertise.


We are uncompromising in our honest and ethical behavior, which creates trusting relationships with one another, our customers, principals, and suppliers.

Mutual Respect

We treat our customers, principals, suppliers, and fellow employees with respect, fairness, trust, and dignity.

Growth Driven

We take the initiative to continuously improve and grow as individuals, through self-development, and as a business to reach our greatest potential.

Start Your Career With Us!

Start Your Career With Us!

Interested in a rewarding career with Northeast Controls? If you want to work at a company that will value you for your abilities – it’s time to learn more about what Northeast Controls has to offer.

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