The rigorous demands of your plant or facilities operations require highly reliable and accurate instruments that provide the precise flow meter, tank gauging and liquid level measurements you need to control the process.

Northeast Controls and its partner Emerson Automation Solutions deliver field-proven measurement and flow solutions from leading industrial manufacturers like Rosemount™ and Micro Motion™ instrumentation. The Rosemount Smart Wireless System of transmitters, tank gauging, and Micro Motion coriolis, density, and viscosity flow meters are designed to handle your toughest applications to maximize the performance, reliability, safety, and profitability of your operations.

Northeast Controls is also the local factory-authorized representative for Emerson’s full line of Yarway™ and Penberthy™ level and flow indicators.

Since 1886, Penberthy has been recognized as a global leader in high-quality liquid level gauges, gagecocks, and sight flow indicator products for pumping, mixing, or heating liquids and gases.

Yarway level indication solutions and liquid level gauges have a strong reputation across various industries. Recognized by users all over the world as high-quality products, the current Yarway portfolio features advanced technologies that facilitate heavy-duty performance and excellent reliability.