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Machinery Health - Vibration Analysis - Advanced

Course number

2033 - Machinery Health - Vibration Analysis - Advanced


This 4-day course complies with Category III Vibration Analyst per ISO standard 18436-2: Vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics. This course expands on the subjects covered in the Intermediate Vibration course (Category II), especially in the areas of fault analysis and corrective actions. The class details advanced analysis techniques. The dual channel Machinery Health analyzer features are introduced including the use of AMS Machinery Manager Software to set up the advanced analyzer features and the powerful download-able programs for data collection. The transient machinery health analyzer capabilities are covered such as long-term time waveform. The class covers advanced resonance detection using a variety of testing methods, including triggered data collection.

Students will receive a complimentary copy of the Simplified Handbook of Vibration Analysis, Volume I, by Art Crawford.


Intermediate Vibration Analysis course and a cumulative three years of field experience are recommended.


• Specify Appropriate Vibration Instrumentation Hardware and Software for both Portable and Permanently Installed Systems

• Perform Spectrum and Time Waveform Analysis Under both Steady-State and Unsteady Operating Conditions

• Establish Specifications for Vibration Levels and Acceptance Criteria for New Machinery

• Measure and Analyze Basic Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS)

• Measure and Analyze PeakVue® Measurements

• Slow Speed Technology (SST®)

• Zoom Analysis / Transient Techniques

• Digital Signal Processing

• Demodulation

• Resonance Detection