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Machinery Health - Wear Debris Analysis Workshop

Course number

2084 - Machinery Health - Wear Debris Analysis Workshop


Wear debris analysis is often referred to as the most important form of oil analysis. This 2-day course teaches how to apply conditions such as the environment and other outside factors to make an accurate root cause analysis. Attendees gain a basic understanding of wear particle generation, sample preparation techniques, identification and characterization of wear particles. Data generated using the OilView® instrumentation and how it applies to WDA is discussed as well as the use of the OilView® WDA module. WDA skills must be maintained by the student through regular practice and may be developed by reading further on the subject.


·        Theory Presentation

·        Wear Particle Generation

·        Tribology, Friction, and Wear

·        Lubrication Fundamentals

·        Sample Screening: Discussion of How to IUe Preliminary Data and Equipment type to Select WDA Candidates and Sample Preparation Techniques

·        Interpretation of Oil Analysis Results Related to WDA such as OilView Indices and Commercial Oil Laboratory Data

·        Sample Preparation Techniques: Discussion of Sample Preparation for Grease, Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, and Synthetics

·        Disciplined and Systematic Approach to WDA: Overview of the OilView WDA Module

·        Particle Identification and Characterization Exercise

·        Identification and Characterization of Wear Debris